Swedish musicians died in Stroke

Here are 3 famous musicians from Sweden died in Stroke:

Wilhelm Stenhammar

Wilhelm Stenhammar (February 7, 1871 Stockholm-November 20, 1927 Stockholm) also known as Vilhelm Stenhammar, Stenhammar or Stenhammar, Wilhelm was a Swedish composer, pianist and conductor.

His albums: Symphony No. 2 / Excelsior! (Overture), Florez och Blanzeflor / Piano Concerto No. 2 / Serenade (Munich Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Stig Westerberg), Piano Concerto no. 2 / Chitra: incidental music, The Romantic Piano Concerto, Volume 49: Concerto no. 1, op. 1 / Concerto no. 2, op. 23, Piano Concerto No.1 and fragment from Symphony No. 3 (Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, feat. conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky; Mats Widlund piano), Five Nordic Masters, Piano Concerto no. 1 in B-flat minor, op. 1 / Two Sentimental Romances, op. 28 / Florez and Blanzeflor, op. 3, Symphony no. 1 in F, and . Genres: Classical music and Opera.

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Nils Poppe

Nils Poppe (May 31, 1908 Malmö Municipality-June 28, 2000 Helsingborg) also known as Nils Einar Jönsson was a Swedish actor, screenwriter, comedian and film director. His children are called Anja Landgré, Dan Landgré, Thomas Poppe and Mia Poppe.

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Elisabeth Söderström

Elisabeth Söderström (May 7, 1927 Stockholm-November 20, 2009 Stockholm) a.k.a. Elisabeth Soderstrom, Söderström, Elisabeth or Elisabeth Anna Söderström was a Swedish singer, actor and opera singer. She had three children, Malcolm Olow, Jens Olow and Peter Olow.

Her discography includes: British Composers: Britten: War Requiem / Bliss: Morning Heroes, Symphony no. 4 / Finlandia / Luonnotar, Liszt / Schubert / Tchaikovsky / Rachmaninov, etc. (soprano: Elisabeth Söderström), Elisabeth Söderström & Kerstin Meyer, and BBC Music, Volume 22, Number 12: The Great Sopranos.

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