Swiss movie stars born in 1975

Here are 10 famous actors from Switzerland were born in 1975:

Markus Baumeister

Markus Baumeister (May 24, 1975-) is a Swiss actor.

Patrick Rapold

Patrick Rapold (May 21, 1975 Schaffhausen-) is a Swiss actor.

Robert Ismajlovic

Robert Ismajlovic (January 15, 1975 Zadar-) is a Swiss actor.

Mathieu Delarive

Mathieu Delarive (February 5, 1975 Paris-) is a Swiss actor.

Tristan Dubois

Tristan Dubois (July 30, 1975 Switzerland-) is a Swiss actor and film director.

Frédéric Mudry

Frédéric Mudry (February 22, 1975 Sion-) a.k.a. Fred Mudry is a Swiss actor.

Lionel Baier

Lionel Baier (December 13, 1975 Lausanne-) is a Swiss film director, screenwriter, film producer, cinematographer and actor.

Oliver Keller

Oliver Keller (September 15, 1975-) is a Swiss stunt performer and actor.

Antoine Monot, Jr.

Antoine Monot, Jr. (June 22, 1975 Rheinbach-) a.k.a. Antoine Monot, Junior, Antoine Monot Jr or Antoine Monot, Jr is a Swiss actor and film producer.

Raphael Bonacchi

Raphael Bonacchi (November 30, 1975 Geneva-) a.k.a. Raphaël Bonacchi or Raph is a Swiss actor.

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