Swiss movie stars born in 1965

Here are 6 famous actresses from Switzerland were born in 1965:

Bettina Dieterle

Bettina Dieterle (September 6, 1965 Basel-) is a Swiss actor.

Hanna Scheuring

Hanna Scheuring (June 15, 1965 Zürich-) is a Swiss actor.

Mia Martin

Mia Martin (October 19, 1965 Basel-) is a Swiss actor.

Léa Fazer

Léa Fazer (April 20, 1965 Geneva-) is a Swiss screenwriter, film director and actor.

Stephanie Morgenstern

Stephanie Morgenstern (December 10, 1965 Geneva-) also known as Stephanie Grace Morgenstern is a Swiss actor, screenwriter, television producer, film director and voice actor.

Nathalie Jeannet

Nathalie Jeannet (June 11, 1965 Lausanne-) is a Swiss actor.

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