Swiss movie stars born in 1971

Here are 6 famous actresses from Switzerland were born in 1971:

Ursula Meier

Ursula Meier (June 24, 1971 Besançon-) is a Swiss film director, screenwriter and actor.

Caroline Rasser

Caroline Rasser (January 24, 1971 Basel-) is a Swiss actor.

Uygar Tamer

Uygar Tamer (May 8, 1971 Ankara-) is a Swiss actor and singer.

Isabel Florido

Isabel Florido (January 15, 1971 Zürich-) is a Swiss actor.

Elena Fabri

Elena Fabri (December 1, 1971 Geneva-) also known as Elena-Melanie Fabri is a Swiss actor, screenwriter and film producer.

Benedetta Mazzini

Benedetta Mazzini (November 11, 1971 Milan-) also known as Benedetta Crocco is a Swiss actor.

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