Swiss musicians born in 1942

Here are 5 famous musicians from Switzerland were born in 1942:

Matthias Bamert

Matthias Bamert (July 5, 1942 Ersigen-) is a Swiss conductor.

His albums include Symphony no. 3 "Collages" / Epithalamion / Piano Concerto, Passacaglia / Symphonie / Symphonie Concertante, Piano Concerto no. 7 in C / Music for Piano & Strings, Symphonies, Stokowski's Symphonic Bach, Maria-Triptychon / Sechs Monologe aus Jedermann / Suite from "Der Sturm", Symphonies, Symphonies, Symphony no. 5 / Elegy for Brahms / From Death to Life and BBC Music, Volume 4, Number 6: Mozart: Symphony No. 34, Six German Dances / Witt: Symphony in C 'Jena'.

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Michel Tabachnik

Michel Tabachnik (November 10, 1942 Geneva-) is a Swiss conductor and composer.

Genres he performed: Contemporary classical music and Classical music.

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Guy Bovet

Guy Bovet (May 22, 1942 Thun-) is a Swiss organist.

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Herbert Distel

Herbert Distel (August 7, 1942 Bern-) is a Swiss , .

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Philippe Huttenlocher

Philippe Huttenlocher (November 29, 1942 Neuch√Ętel-) also known as Huttenlocher, Philippe is a Swiss , .

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