Swiss musicians died at 51

Here are 10 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 51:

Germaine de Staël

Germaine de Staël (April 22, 1766 Paris-July 14, 1817 Paris) also known as Anne Louise Germaine de Stael, Madame de Staël, Madame De Stael, Baronne de Stael Holstein, Staël, Madame Staël, Anne Louise Germaine Necker, Anne Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein or Anne Louise Germaine de Staël was a Swiss writer. She had five children, Albertine, baroness Staël von Holstein, Mattias Albrekt Staël von Holstein, Ludvig August Staël von Holstein, Gustava Hedvig Staël von Holstein and Gustava Sofia Magdalena Staël von Holstein.

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Friedrich Miescher

Friedrich Miescher (August 13, 1844 Basel-August 26, 1895 Davos) was a Swiss chemist.

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Emil Strub

Emil Strub (July 13, 1858 Switzerland-December 15, 1909) was a Swiss engineer.

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Franz Eugen Schlachter

Franz Eugen Schlachter (July 28, 1859-January 12, 1911 Bern) was a Swiss writer.

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Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche

Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche (October 24, 1868 Basel-April 18, 1920 Basel) was a Swiss entrepreneur.

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Hermann Geiger

Hermann Geiger (October 27, 1914-August 26, 1966) was a Swiss personality.

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Jost Amman

Jost Amman (June 13, 1539 Zürich-March 17, 1591 Nuremberg) was a Swiss personality.

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Karl Jakob Weber

Karl Jakob Weber (August 12, 1712 Switzerland-April 5, 1764) was a Swiss engineer.

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Leo Jogiches

Leo Jogiches (June 17, 1867 Vilnius-March 10, 1919 Berlin) was a Swiss politician.

He died caused by assassination.

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Liliane Chappuis

Liliane Chappuis (June 27, 1955 Fribourg-June 25, 2007 Corpataux-Magnedens) was a Swiss personality.

She died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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