Swiss musicians died at 52

Here are 7 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 52:

Édouard Rod

Édouard Rod (March 31, 1857 Nyon-January 29, 1910 Grasse) was a Swiss writer and novelist.

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Erhard Loretan

Erhard Loretan (April 28, 1959 Bulle-April 28, 2011) was a Swiss mountaineer.

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Alfred Werner

Alfred Werner (December 12, 1866 Mulhouse-November 15, 1919 Zürich) was a Swiss chemist.

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Melchior Berri

Melchior Berri (October 20, 1801 Basel-May 12, 1854 Basel) was a Swiss architect. His children are called Julie Berri, Marie Elisabeth Berri and Susanna Amalie Berri.

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Joan Gamper

Joan Gamper (November 22, 1877 Winterthur-July 30, 1930 Barcelona) also known as Hans Kamper or Hans-Max Gamper was a Swiss businessperson, accountant, athlete, football player and writer. He had two children, Marcel Gamper Pilloud and Joan-Ricard Gamper Pilloud.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart

Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart (November 4, 1742 Holderbank, Aargau-June 26, 1795 Hanover) was a Swiss botanist.

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Ábrahám Ganz

Ábrahám Ganz (November 6, 1815 Embrach-December 15, 1867 Pest, Hungary) a.k.a. Abraham Ganz was a Swiss personality.

He died caused by suicide.

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