Swiss musicians died at 53

Here are 10 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 53:

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Sophie Taeuber-Arp (January 19, 1889 Davos-January 13, 1943 Switzerland) was a Swiss artist and visual artist.

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Niklaus Meienberg

Niklaus Meienberg (May 11, 1940 St. Gallen-September 22, 1993 Zürich) was a Swiss writer and journalist.

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Aimé Argand

Aimé Argand (July 5, 1750 Geneva-October 14, 1803 London) a.k.a. Aime Argand was a Swiss physicist and chemist.

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Carl Rüedi

Carl Rüedi (April 21, 1848 Davos-June 17, 1901 Arosa) also known as Dr. Carl Rüedi was a Swiss physician.

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Emer de Vattel

Emer de Vattel (April 25, 1714 Couvet-December 28, 1767 Couvet) was a Swiss personality.

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Ferdinand Hurter

Ferdinand Hurter (March 15, 1844 Schaffhausen-March 12, 1898 Cressington) was a Swiss chemist.

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Henry Hotze

Henry Hotze (September 2, 1833 Zürich-April 19, 1887 Zug) was a Swiss personality.

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Louis Favre

Louis Favre (January 26, 1826 Chêne-Bourg-July 19, 1879 Göschenen) was a Swiss civil engineer and engineer.

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Samuel Heinrich Fröhlich

Samuel Heinrich Fröhlich (July 4, 1803 Brugg-January 15, 1857 Strasbourg) also known as S. H. Fröhlich was a Swiss personality.

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Theodor von Reding

Theodor von Reding (July 5, 1755 Schwyz-April 23, 1809 Tarragona) was a Swiss personality.

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