Swiss musicians died at 56

Here are 9 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 56:

Eugène Rambert

Eugène Rambert (April 6, 1830-November 21, 1886) also known as Eugene Rambert was a Swiss writer.

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Johann Jacob Roemer

Johann Jacob Roemer (January 8, 1763 Zürich-January 15, 1819 Zürich) was a Swiss physician and botanist.

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Julius Tafel

Julius Tafel (June 2, 1862 Courrendlin-September 2, 1918 Munich) was a Swiss chemist.

He died caused by suicide.

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Fritz Baumann

Fritz Baumann (May 3, 1886 Basel-October 9, 1942 Basel) was a Swiss personality.

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John Joachim Zubly

John Joachim Zubly (August 27, 1724 St. Gallen-July 23, 1781 Savannah) was a Swiss personality.

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Matthäus Merian

Matthäus Merian (September 22, 1593 Basel-June 19, 1650 Bad Schwalbach) also known as Matthaus Merian, Matthew, the Elder or Matthaeus Merian was a Swiss engraver and publisher. He had four children, Maria Sibylla Merian, Maximilian Merian, Caspar Merian and Matthäus Merian the Younger.

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Theodosius Florentini

Theodosius Florentini (May 23, 1808 Müstair-February 15, 1865 Heiden) was a Swiss personality.

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Eugène Borel

Eugène Borel (June 17, 1835 Neuchâtel-June 14, 1892 Bern) a.k.a. Eugene Borel was a Swiss personality.

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Jonas Furrer

Jonas Furrer (March 3, 1805 Winterthur-July 25, 1861 Bad Ragaz) was a Swiss personality.

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