Swiss musicians died at 60

Here are 13 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 60:

Leo Jud

Leo Jud (April 5, 1482 Guémar-June 19, 1542 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Fritz Müller

Fritz Müller (May 8, 1834-March 10, 1895) also known as Fritz Muller or Dr. Fritz Müller was a Swiss physician.

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Loris Kessel

Loris Kessel (April 1, 1950 Lugano-May 15, 2010 Montagnola) was a Swiss race car driver.

He died as a result of leukemia.

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Alfred Métraux

Alfred Métraux (November 5, 1902 Lausanne-April 11, 1963 Vallée de Chevreuse) a.k.a. Alfred Métraux or Alfred Metraux was a Swiss ethnographer.

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Joachim Raff

Joachim Raff (May 27, 1822 Lachen-June 24, 1882 Frankfurt) otherwise known as Raff, Joachim or Joseph Joachim Raff was a Swiss composer, pianist and music pedagogue.

Discography: Klavierkonzert / Ode (Radio-Sinfonieorchester Basel feat. conductor: Matthias Bamert, piano: Peter Aronsky), Symphony No. 4 in G minor / Symphony No. 3 in F major (Milton Keynes City Orchestra feat. conductor: Hilary Davan Wetton), , and Symphony no. 2 / Four Shakespeare Preludes. Genres he performed: Romantic music, Classical music, Opera and Chamber music.

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Ernst Kurth

Ernst Kurth (June 1, 1886 Vienna-August 2, 1946 Bern) was a Swiss personality.

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Eva Evdokimova

Eva Evdokimova (December 1, 1948 Geneva-April 3, 2009 New York City) was a Swiss ballet dancer.

She died caused by cancer.

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Friedrich Freiherr von Hotze

Friedrich Freiherr von Hotze (April 20, 1739 Richterswil-September 25, 1799 Schänis) was a Swiss personality.

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Félix Vallotton

Félix Vallotton (December 28, 1865 Lausanne-December 29, 1925 Paris) also known as Felix Vallotton or Félix Edouard Vallotton was a Swiss personality.

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Hugo von Tschudi

Hugo von Tschudi (February 7, 1851 Edlitz-November 23, 1911 Stuttgart) was a Swiss personality.

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Johann Jakob Scheuchzer

Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (August 2, 1672 Zürich-June 23, 1733 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Carl Culmann

Carl Culmann (July 10, 1821 Bad Bergzabern-December 9, 1881 Zürich) was a Swiss civil engineer, engineer and structural engineer.

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Robert Tobler

Robert Tobler (December 23, 1901 Zürich-June 17, 1962 Zürich) was a Swiss lawyer and politician.

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