Swiss musicians died at 71

Here are 26 famous musicians from Switzerland died at 71:

Heinrich Bullinger

Heinrich Bullinger (July 18, 1504 Bremgarten-September 17, 1575 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Maximilian Bircher-Benner

Maximilian Bircher-Benner (August 22, 1867 Aarau-January 24, 1939 Zürich) also known as Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner was a Swiss physician.

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Daniel Schenkel

Daniel Schenkel (December 21, 1813 Dägerlen-May 18, 1885) was a Swiss personality.

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Ignaz Venetz

Ignaz Venetz (March 21, 1788 Switzerland-April 20, 1859) was a Swiss scientist.

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Rudolf Rominger

Rudolf Rominger (August 21, 1908 Val Fex-November 8, 1979) was a Swiss personality.

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Edmund Bruggmann

Edmund Bruggmann (April 15, 1943 Flums-June 9, 2014 Walenstadt) was a Swiss personality.

He died caused by leukemia.

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Vincenzo Vela

Vincenzo Vela (May 3, 1820 Ligornetto-October 3, 1891 Ligornetto) was a Swiss personality.

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François-Alphonse Forel

François-Alphonse Forel (February 2, 1841 Morges District-August 7, 1912 Morges District) otherwise known as Francois-Alphonse Forel was a Swiss biologist.

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Richard Kissling

Richard Kissling (April 15, 1848 Wolfwil-July 19, 1919 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Jean Balissat

Jean Balissat (May 15, 1936 Lausanne-September 16, 2007 Corcelles-le-Jorat) was a Swiss personality.

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Eugen Meier

Eugen Meier (April 30, 1930 Schaffhausen-March 26, 2002) was a Swiss personality.

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Johann Jakob Bachofen

Johann Jakob Bachofen (December 22, 1815 Basel-November 25, 1887 Basel) also known as Johann Bachofen or Johann Jacob Bachofen was a Swiss philosopher, sociologist and anthropologist. He had one child, Johann Bachofen.

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Pierre Jeanneret

Pierre Jeanneret (March 2, 1896 Geneva-December 4, 1967) was a Swiss architect.

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Curt Goetz

Curt Goetz (November 17, 1888 Mainz-September 12, 1960 Grabs) otherwise known as Kurt Walter Götz, Kurt Goetz or Kurt Götz was a Swiss screenwriter, film director, actor and writer.

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Florian Cajori

Florian Cajori (February 28, 1859 Thusis-August 15, 1930 Berkeley) was a Swiss mathematician.

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François Briatte

François Briatte (September 27, 1805 Lausanne-January 30, 1877 Lausanne) was a Swiss politician.

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Fritz de Quervain

Fritz de Quervain (May 4, 1868 Sion-January 24, 1940 Bern) was a Swiss surgeon.

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Hans Asper

Hans Asper (April 5, 1499 Zürich-March 21, 1571 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Hans Oeschger

Hans Oeschger (April 2, 1927 Switzerland-December 25, 1998) was a Swiss researcher.

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Harald Szeemann

Harald Szeemann (June 11, 1933 Bern-February 18, 2005 Canton Ticino) was a Swiss curator.

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Jacques Necker

Jacques Necker (September 30, 1732 Geneva-April 9, 1804 Coppet) was a Swiss politician and writer. He had one child, Germaine de Staël.

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Johann Jakob von Tschudi

Johann Jakob von Tschudi (July 25, 1818 Glarus-October 8, 1889 Lichtenegg) was a Swiss personality.

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Klaus Johann Jacobs

Klaus Johann Jacobs (December 3, 1936 Bremen-September 11, 2008 Küsnacht) was a Swiss personality.

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Marie Heim-Vögtlin

Marie Heim-Vögtlin (October 7, 1845 Bözen-November 7, 1916 Zürich) was a Swiss personality.

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Pierre Jean Édouard Desor

Pierre Jean Édouard Desor (February 13, 1811 Friedrichsdorf-February 23, 1882 Nice) also known as Pierre Jean Edouard Desor was a Swiss geologist.

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Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis

Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis (December 26, 1762 Malans, Switzerland-January 29, 1834 Malans, Switzerland) otherwise known as Johann Gaudenz Freiherr von Salis-Seewis was a Swiss personality.

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