Thai movie stars born in 1983

Here are 14 famous actors from Thailand were born in 1983:

Nat Sakdatorn

Nat Sakdatorn (January 24, 1983 Chiang Mai-) is a Thai singer-songwriter, actor and writer.

Kiatkamol Lata

Kiatkamol Lata (May 7, 1983 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Kiattikamol Lata is a Thai actor and singer.

Chantavit Dhanasevi

Chantavit Dhanasevi (September 18, 1983 Bangkok-) otherwise known as Chantawich Tanasewi, Ter or Chunthawit Thanasewi is a Thai model, actor and screenwriter.

Thanawat Prasitsomporn

Thanawat Prasitsomporn (July 26, 1983-) also known as Nui or DJ Nui is a Thai actor and disc jockey.

Arnuttaphol Sirichomsaeng

Arnuttaphol Sirichomsaeng (November 27, 1983 Nong Han District-) also known as Anatpol Sirichoomsang is a Thai actor and singer.

Ekkaphong Jongkesakorn

Ekkaphong Jongkesakorn (January 30, 1983 Uthai Thani Province-) a.k.a. First is a Thai actor.

Phasin Sritham

Phasin Sritham (July 22, 1983 Chiang Mai Province-) is a Thai actor.

Pongpitch Preechaborisuthikul

Pongpitch Preechaborisuthikul (October 6, 1983 Bangkok-) is a Thai actor.

Sorawit Suboon

Sorawit Suboon (December 8, 1983 Lopburi Province-) is a Thai actor, presenter, physician and model.

Pongphan Petchbuntoon

Pongphan Petchbuntoon (December 28, 1983 Thailand-) also known as Louis is a Thai actor, disc jockey and master of ceremonies.

9 Million Sam

9 Million Sam (January 3, 1983-) is a Thai actor.

Wongthep Khunarattanrat

Wongthep Khunarattanrat (June 15, 1983 Chanthaburi Province-) also known as Wongeap Kunarattanawat, Wongtep Kunrattanawat, Taywin Khunarattanrat or Johnson is a Thai actor.

Sarunyu Prachakrit

Sarunyu Prachakrit (October 6, 1983 Thailand-) also known as Beam or Saranyoo Prachakrit is a Thai actor and radio personality.

Panupol Eakpech

Panupol Eakpech (January 6, 1983 Bangkok-) also known as Joe or Panupol 'Joe' Eakpech is a Thai singer, actor and radio personality.

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