Thai movie stars born in 1993

Here are 7 famous actors from Thailand were born in 1993:

Pachara Chirathivat

Pachara Chirathivat (May 10, 1993 Bangkok-) also known as Peach is a Thai actor.

Charlie Trairat

Charlie Trairat (January 19, 1993 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Nak or Charlie Potjes is a Thai actor, voice actor, model and presenter.

James Ma

James Ma (July 3, 1993 Thailand-) is a Thai actor and model.

Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Jirayu Tangsrisuk (September 19, 1993 Phichit Province-) also known as James or Harry is a Thai actor.

Phutawan Techatewnich

Phutawan Techatewnich (July 22, 1993 Bangkok-) is a Thai actor.

Nuttanun Poolsawad

Nuttanun Poolsawad (October 4, 1993 Thailand-) also known as Gun or Artthapan Poolsawad is a Thai actor.

Parkin Jikitsinlapin

Parkin Jikitsinlapin (April 14, 1993-) a.k.a. Peem Parkin is a Thai actor.

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