Thai movie stars born in 1978

Here are 11 famous actresses from Thailand were born in 1978:

Lena Christensen

Lena Christensen (December 2, 1978 Samut Prakan Province-) a.k.a. लेने क्रिस्टेंसेन, लेना क्रिस्टियंसेन, Lene Christensen or Lena Christiansen is a Thai singer, actor and model. She has two children, Sebastian Salgado and Angelina Salgado.

Suvanant Kongying

Suvanant Kongying (July 22, 1978 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Kob, Suvanant, Suvanant Punnakant, Suwanunt or Suwanun Kongying is a Thai actor. She has one child, Punnada Punnakanta.

Pachrapa Chaichua

Pachrapa Chaichua (December 5, 1978 Bangkok-) also known as Umm, Aum Patcharapa, Phatcharapha Chaichuea, Patchrapa Chaichua, Aum, Patchara Chaicheur or Patcharapa Chaichua is a Thai actor and model.

Julaluck Ismalone

Julaluck Ismalone (December 29, 1978 Bangkok-) also known as Ying-Julaluck Ismalone or Juralak Krittiyarattana is a Thai actor, film producer and film director.

Cindy Burbridge

Cindy Burbridge (December 30, 1978 Pattaya-) a.k.a. Cynthia Carmen Burbridge, Sirinya Winsiri, Sirinya Burb, Cindy Sirinya, VJ Cindy or Sirinya Burbridge is a Thai model and actor. Her children are called Leila Carmen Bishop and Aiden William Bishop.

Rinlanee Sripen

Rinlanee Sripen (November 24, 1978-) is a Thai actor, tv personality and model.

Yossinee Nanakorn

Yossinee Nanakorn (January 7, 1978-) is a Thai actor and television director.

Tassanawalai Chakrabongse

Tassanawalai Chakrabongse (October 26, 1978-) is a Thai actor and model.

Chotiros Kaewpinij

Chotiros Kaewpinij (October 24, 1978-) is a Thai actor.

Sriphan Chunechomboon

Sriphan Chunechomboon (February 16, 1978 Phatthalung Province-) also known as Aon, Aon Sriphan, Na Niem or Sriphan Boonnark is a Thai actor.

Chutima Every

Chutima Every (July 7, 1978-) otherwise known as Chutima Avery, Chutima Aveery or Candy is a Thai actor and model.

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