Thai movie stars born in 1993

Here are 8 famous actresses from Thailand were born in 1993:

Chalida Vijitvongthong

Chalida Vijitvongthong (August 8, 1993 Bangkok-) also known as Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong, Mint (มิ้นต์), Mint or Baryear is a Thai actor, fashion model and model.

Focus Jirakul

Focus Jirakul (February 14, 1993 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Focus, Gus or Focus Jeerakul is a Thai actor.

Stephanie Lerce

Stephanie Lerce (May 6, 1993-) otherwise known as Stephanie is a Thai actor.

Note Panayanggool

Note Panayanggool (February 22, 1993 Chiang Mai-) is a Thai singer, actor and tv personality.

Urassaya Sperbund

Urassaya Sperbund (March 18, 1993 Pattaya-) also known as Yaya or Yaya Urassaya is a Thai actor and model.

Niranath Victoria Coates

Niranath Victoria Coates (February 28, 1993 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Nuch or Nuch Niranath is a Thai actor and model.

Apa pawilai

Apa pawilai (January 23, 1993 Bangkok-) otherwise known as Makky is a Thai actor.

Arpa Pawilai

Arpa Pawilai (January 23, 1993 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Pawilai Arpa or Macky is a Thai actor.

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