Turkish actors born in 1944

Here are 7 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1944:

Demir Karahan

Demir Karahan (March 25, 1944 Adana-) otherwise known as Karahan, Demir is a Turkish actor. He has one child, Melih Görgün.

Orhan Gencebay

Orhan Gencebay (August 4, 1944 Samsun-) also known as Gencebay, Orhan or Orhan Kencebay is a Turkish singer, record producer, composer, actor, musician and music director. He has one child, Altan Gencebay.

Sırrı Elitaş

Sırrı Elitaş (January 1, 1944 Erzurum-) also known as Sirri Elitas is a Turkish actor.

Erkan Yücel

Erkan Yücel (March 13, 1944 Ankara-September 9, 1985 Selçuk) was a Turkish actor. His children are called Doğu Yücel and Fırat Yücel.

Kemal Sunal

Kemal Sunal (November 11, 1944 Istanbul-July 3, 2000 Istanbul) also known as Ali Kemal Sunal or Kemâl Sunâlp was a Turkish actor, film producer and writer. He had two children, Ali Sunal and Ezo Sunal.

Can Gürzap

Can Gürzap (May 26, 1944 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor, screenwriter and teacher.

Ümit Tokcan

Ümit Tokcan (November 15, 1944 Ordu-) is a Turkish actor and musician.

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