Turkish actors born in 1953

Here are 5 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1953:

Sinan Çetin

Sinan Çetin (March 1, 1953 Bahçesaray-) also known as Sinan Cetin is a Turkish film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor. His children are called Rafael Cemo Çetin, Orfeo Çetin, Tess Sahara Çetin and Rüzgar Çetin.

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Müslüm Gürses

Müslüm Gürses (May 7, 1953 Halfeti-March 3, 2013 Istanbul) otherwise known as Muslum Gurses, Gürses, Müslüm, Müslüm Akbas, Müslüm Baba, Müslüm Akbaş or Papa Müslüm was a Turkish singer and actor.

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Turgay Tanülkü

Turgay Tanülkü (July 18, 1953 Uşak-) a.k.a. Turgay Tamülkü or Turgay Tanulku is a Turkish actor.

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Özkan Uğur

Özkan Uğur (October 17, 1953 Istanbul-) a.k.a. Ozkan Ugur, Uğur, Özkan, Raif Özkan Uğur or Özkan Ugur is a Turkish actor, musician and singer. He has one child, Alişan Uğur.

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Tchéky Karyo

Tchéky Karyo (October 4, 1953 Istanbul-) a.k.a. Tcheky Karyo, Baruh Djaki Karyo or Techeky Karyo is a Turkish actor and musician. He has two children, Liv Karyo and .

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