Turkish actors born in 1971

Here are 15 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1971:

Sinan Akkuş

Sinan Akkuş (December 17, 1971 Erzincan-) is a Turkish actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

Necati Şaşmaz

Necati Şaşmaz (December 15, 1971 Elazığ-) also known as Necati Sasmaz, Muhammed Necati Sasmaz or Can Polat is a Turkish actor.

Cenk Durmazel

Cenk Durmazel (September 23, 1971 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor.

Kerem Kupacı

Kerem Kupacı (February 7, 1971 İzmir-) also known as Kerem Kupaci is a Turkish actor.

Murat Kılıç

Murat Kılıç (September 7, 1971-) also known as Murat Kiliç is a Turkish actor.

Erol Erarslan

Erol Erarslan (January 1, 1971 Şebinkarahisar-) is a Turkish actor.


Emrah (January 1, 1971 Ergani-) also known as Emrah İpek, Küçük Emrah, Emrah Erdoğan or Emrah Erdogan is a Turkish singer and actor.

Tim Seyfi

Tim Seyfi (August 10, 1971 Yıldızeli-) also known as Timur Seyfettin Ölmez, Seyfi Oelmez or Seyfi Ölmez is a Turkish actor.

Cem Karakaya

Cem Karakaya (March 14, 1971 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor.

Yosi Mizrahi

Yosi Mizrahi (October 1, 1971 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor.

Erkan Petekkaya

Erkan Petekkaya (January 1, 1971 Elazığ-) is a Turkish actor.

Uğur Uludağ

Uğur Uludağ (September 27, 1971 Tunceli-) also known as Ugur Uludag is a Turkish actor, film director and screenwriter.

İlker Aksum

İlker Aksum (May 23, 1971 Istanbul-) also known as İbrahim İlker Aksum or Ilker Aksum is a Turkish actor.

Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı

Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı (October 18, 1971 Argentina-) also known as Teoman Kumbaracibasi is a Turkish actor.

Eser Giray

Eser Giray (March 31, 1971 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor.

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