Turkish actors died in 1990

Here are 3 famous actors from Turkey died in 1990:

Hüseyin Peyda

Hüseyin Peyda (January 27, 1920 Şanlıurfa-July 30, 1990 Istanbul) also known as Huseyin Peyda was a Turkish actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer. He had three children, Mübeccel Peyda, Semra Peyda and Abbas Peyda.

Hüseyin Kutman

Hüseyin Kutman (August 20, 1930 Bursa-December 16, 1990 İzmir) a.k.a. Hüseyin Kuntman, Huseyin Kutman or Huseyin Kuntman was a Turkish actor.

Stelios Vokovich

Stelios Vokovich (November 17, 2014 Constantinople-November 17, 1990 Athens) was a Turkish actor.

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