West German movie stars died at 65

Here are 2 famous actors from West Germany died at 65:

Emil Jannings

Emil Jannings (July 23, 1884 Rorschach, Switzerland-January 2, 1950 Strobl) a.k.a. Theodor Friedrich Emil Janenz was a West German actor, film producer and film art director.

He died in liver cancer.

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Klaus Kinski

Klaus Kinski (October 18, 1926 Sopot-November 23, 1991 Lagunitas, California) also known as Klaus Günter Karl Nakszynski, Klaus Kinsky, Nikolaus Günther Nakszynski, Klaus Gunther Nakszynski or Klais Kinski was a West German actor, musician, author, soldier, screenwriter, film director, voice actor and narrator. He had three children, Nastassja Kinski, Nikolai Kinski and Pola Kinski.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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