West German movie stars died in 1973

Here are 3 famous actors from West Germany died in 1973:

Max Mack

Max Mack (October 21, 1884 Halberstadt-February 18, 1973 London) was a West German screenwriter, actor, film producer and film director.

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Willy Fritsch

Willy Fritsch (January 27, 1901 Katowice-July 13, 1973 Hamburg) also known as Wilhelm Egon Fritz Fritsch, Fritsch, Willy or Willi Fritsch was a West German actor, singer, screenwriter, character actor and dancer. He had one child, Thomas Fritsch.

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Willy Birgel

Willy Birgel (September 19, 1891 Cologne-December 29, 1973 Dübendorf) also known as Wilhelm Maria Birgel or Willy Brugel was a West German actor.

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