West German movie stars died in 1976

Here are 2 famous actors from West Germany died in 1976:

Friedrich Hollaender

Friedrich Hollaender (October 18, 1896 London-January 18, 1976 Munich) a.k.a. Frederick Hollander, Friedrich Holländer or Frederik Hollander was a West German film score composer, composer, film director, actor, writer and author. He had two children, Melody Hollaender and Philine Hollaender.

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Victor Tourjansky

Victor Tourjansky (March 4, 1891 Kiev-August 13, 1976 Munich) a.k.a. Viktor Tourjansky, Viatcheslav Tourjansky, Arnaldo Genoino, Viktor von Tourjansky, Tourjansky, Tourjanski, Vyacheslav Turzhansky, V. Turzhansky, Vyacheslav Tourjansky, W. Tourjansky, Viktor Turzhansky, V. Tourjansky, Victor Tourjanski or Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Turzhanskiy was a West German film director, screenwriter and actor.

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