West German movie stars died in 1978

Here are 3 famous actors from West Germany died in 1978:

O. E. Hasse

O. E. Hasse (July 11, 1903 Obrzycko-September 12, 1978 Berlin) also known as Otto Hasse, Otto Ed. Hasse, Otto Ernst Hasse, O.E. Hasse or O. E. Hasse was a West German actor, theatre director and voice actor.

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Ewald Balser

Ewald Balser (October 5, 1898 Elberfeld-April 17, 1978 Vienna) was a West German actor.

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Albrecht Schoenhals

Albrecht Schoenhals (March 7, 1888 Mannheim-December 4, 1978 Baden-Baden) also known as Albrecht Moritz James Karl Schoenhals, Alberto Schoenhals, Albrecht Schönhals or Moritz Josef Karl was a West German actor and physician.

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