West German musicians died at 72

Here are 5 famous musicians from West Germany died at 72:

Willy Fritsch

Willy Fritsch (January 27, 1901 Katowice-July 13, 1973 Hamburg) also known as Wilhelm Egon Fritz Fritsch, Fritsch, Willy or Willi Fritsch was a West German actor, singer, screenwriter, character actor and dancer. He had one child, Thomas Fritsch.

His albums: Glückskinder.

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Dieter Borsche

Dieter Borsche (October 25, 1909 Hanover-August 5, 1982 Nuremberg) a.k.a. Albert Eugen Rollomann or Dieter Eugen Albert Rolloman Borsche was a West German actor. He had one child, Kai Borsche.

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George Hurdalek

George Hurdalek (February 6, 1908 Görlitz-June 15, 1980 Munich) also known as Georg Hurdaleck or Georg Hurdalek was a West German screenwriter and film director.

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Helmut Käutner

Helmut Käutner (March 25, 1908 Düsseldorf-April 20, 1980 Castellina in Chianti) also known as Helmut Kautner, Paul Günther Helmut Käutner, Käutner or Helmut Koytner was a West German film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer, production designer, film art director, television director, television producer and writer.

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Werner Eisbrenner

Werner Eisbrenner (December 2, 1908 Berlin-November 7, 1981 Berlin) also known as Große SFB-Tanz- und Unterhaltungsorchester was a West German film score composer, conductor and composer.

His related genres: Film score.

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