West German musicians died at 77

Here are 4 famous musicians from West Germany died at 77:

Paul Rehkopf

Paul Rehkopf (May 21, 1872 Braunschweig-June 29, 1949 Berlin) also known as Rehkopf, P. Rehkopf or Rehkopf Paul was a West German actor and character actor.

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Günther Rittau

Günther Rittau (August 7, 1893 Chorzów-August 6, 1971 Munich) also known as Gunther Rittau or G. Rittau was a West German cinematographer, film director, screenwriter and camera operator.

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Klaus Barbie

Klaus Barbie (October 25, 1913 Bad Godesberg-September 23, 1991 Lyon) also known as Klaus Altmann, Nikolaus Barbie, Nikolaus 'Klaus' Barbie or The Butcher of Lyon was a West German police officer.

He died as a result of leukemia.

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Brigitte Horney

Brigitte Horney (March 29, 1911 Berlin-July 27, 1988 Hamburg) a.k.a. Biggy or Brigitte HorneyLMF was a West German actor and voice actor.

She died in cancer.

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