Afghan musicians died at 72

Here are 2 famous musicians from Afghanistan died at 72:

Abdul Zahir

Abdul Zahir (May 3, 1910 Laghman Province-October 21, 1982 Kabul Province) was an Afghan politician. He had three children, Zahira Zahir, Ahmad Zahir and Asif Zahir.

Abdul Zahir served as the Prime Minister of Afghanistan from 1971 to 1972. He was also a prominent member of the Afghan royal family, as he was the brother of Queen Homaira and the uncle of King Mohammad Zahir Shah. Zahir played a key role in Afghan politics during the 1960s and 1970s and was known for his advocacy of modernization and progressive reforms. He was also a strong supporter of Afghan independence and worked to strengthen the country's ties with other nations in the region. In addition to his political achievements, Zahir was also a respected poet and writer, and his works were widely read and admired in Afghanistan and beyond. After his death, he was praised for his dedication to public service and for his contributions to the development of Afghanistan.

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Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi

Mohammad Ibraheem Khwakhuzhi (February 28, 1920 Kandahar-October 24, 1992 Kabul) was an Afghan personality.

He is widely known as a writer, poet, historian, and philosopher who contributed greatly to Afghan literature and culture. Khwakhuzhi was educated in Afghanistan and later went to India to pursue higher studies in Persian and Arabic literature.

Throughout his life, he wrote several books on Sufism, history, and literature, including The Path of Truth: A Selection of Sufi Literature and A History of Kandahar. He was also the founder and editor of the literary magazine Shah M Book, which published works of new and established writers.

Khwakhuzhi was an advocate for education and worked as a teacher and educational administrator for many years. He also served in several government positions, including Director of Public Libraries and Archives in Kabul.

In recognition of his contributions to Afghan literature and culture, Khwakhuzhi was awarded the Mir Masjidi Khan medal by the Afghan government in 1973. Despite facing political turmoil and war, he remained dedicated to his work and continued to write until his death in 1992.

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