Albanian music stars died at age 28

Here are 1 famous musicians from Albania died at 28:

Avni Rustemi

Avni Rustemi (September 22, 1895 Libohovë-April 22, 1924 Tirana) was an Albanian politician, writer and teacher.

Avni Rustemi was born in the town of Libohovë in the southern region of Albania. He studied in various schools in the Ottoman Empire, including the prestigious Galatasaray High School in Istanbul. Rustemi played a key role in the Albanian National Awakening movement and was a founding member of the Progressive Party of Albania. Later, he became the leader of the Albanian Youth organization, which aimed to promote Albanian national identity and culture. Besides politics, Rustemi was also a prolific writer and contributed to various newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, his life was brutally cut short when he was assassinated by a political opponent at the age of 28. Despite his short life, Rustemi is regarded as a hero and a symbol of Albanian nationalism.

He died in assassination.

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