Albanian music stars died at age 45

Here are 1 famous musicians from Albania died at 45:

Nikollë Bojaxhiu

Nikollë Bojaxhiu (April 5, 1874 Prizren-August 2, 1919 Skopje) also known as Nikola Bojaxhiu was an Albanian businessperson and politician. He had three children, Mother Teresa, Aga Bojaxhiu and Lazar Bojaxhiu.

Nikollë Bojaxhiu was born in Prizren, which was then a part of the Ottoman Empire. He was a successful businessman and owned a construction company, which helped him become one of the wealthiest people in Skopje, where he later moved. He was also involved in politics and served as a member of the Skopje city council.

Nikollë Bojaxhiu played an important role in the cultural and social development of his community. He supported various philanthropic causes and was known for his generosity. He established the first Albanian-language school in Skopje and donated money for the construction of a hospital and a church.

Despite his success, Nikollë Bojaxhiu faced various challenges and setbacks throughout his life, including the deaths of two of his children due to illness. He himself died at the age of 45 due to a stroke. His legacy lived on through his daughter, who later became known as Mother Teresa and dedicated her life to serving the poor and needy.

Mother Teresa was deeply influenced by her father's generosity and dedication to the well-being of their community. She often accompanied him on his philanthropic endeavors and was motivated by his commitment to helping others throughout her life. Nikollë Bojaxhiu's legacy also includes the Aga Khan Palace in Pune, India, which he owned and where his daughter Mother Teresa stayed during her visits to India. The palace served as a detention center for Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters during India's struggle for independence. Today, the palace is a national monument and houses a museum dedicated to Gandhi's life and philosophy. Nikollë Bojaxhiu's influence on his daughter, and his dedication to philanthropic causes, continue to inspire people around the world.

In addition to his accomplishments as a businessman and philanthropist, Nikollë Bojaxhiu was also known for his love of music. He played the violin and often hosted musical performances and social events at his home in Skopje. He passed this love of music on to his daughter, who would later incorporate it into her work with the Missionaries of Charity. Nikollë Bojaxhiu's influence on his community and his daughter's legacy as Mother Teresa continue to be celebrated today, including through the annual Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice. These awards honor individuals and organizations working to promote peace, justice, and equality, reflecting the values Nikollë Bojaxhiu held dear.

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