Albanian music stars died at age 56

Here are 1 famous musicians from Albania died at 56:

Dervish Hima

Dervish Hima (April 5, 1872 Ohrid-May 21, 1928 Albania) was an Albanian politician.

He was one of the founding members of the Albanian National Awakening (Rilindja Komb√ętare) movement and played a significant role in the Albanian struggle for independence during the early 20th century. Hima was also a member of the Provisional Government of Albania, which declared Albania's independence on November 28, 1912. He later became a member of the Albanian parliament and served as Minister of Justice and Education. Despite his impact on Albanian politics, Hima's life was tragically cut short when he was assassinated by a political opponent in 1928.

Hima was born in the town of Ohrid, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. He received his education at the prestigious Robert College in Istanbul and later studied law in France. After completing his studies, Hima returned to his homeland and became involved in the Albanian National Awakening movement, which sought to promote Albanian national identity and independence from Ottoman rule.

During the Balkan Wars, Hima served as a member of the Provisional Government of Albania, which declared the country's independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912. He was later elected to the Albanian parliament and served as Minister of Justice and Education in the early years of the newly-formed Albanian state.

Hima was known for his strong advocacy of Albanian culture and language, and worked tirelessly to promote education and literacy among the Albanian people. His contributions to the Albanian independence movement and his commitment to the welfare of his people have earned him a place of honor in Albanian history.

Tragically, Hima's life was cut short in 1928 when he was assassinated by a political opponent. Despite his untimely death, his legacy has continued to inspire generations of Albanians in their quest for a free and prosperous nation.

In addition to his political activities, Dervish Hima was also a prominent writer and journalist. He wrote for several Albanian-language newspapers and magazines, using his platform to promote Albanian culture and to advocate for the rights of the Albanian people. One of his most well-known works is "The Albanian People and Their Position," a book that explores the history and struggles of the Albanian people. Hima's commitment to education and his love for his homeland inspired many Albanians at the time and continue to serve as a source of inspiration today. Even in death, Hima remains an important figure in Albanian politics and culture, and his contributions continue to be celebrated and respected by Albanians everywhere.

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