Albanian music stars died at age 60

Here are 2 famous musicians from Albania died at 60:

Dora d'Istria

Dora d'Istria (January 22, 1828 Bucharest-April 5, 1888) was an Albanian writer.

She was also a scholar, and an advocate for women's rights and education. Dora d'Istria was the daughter of a Romanian prince and an Albanian princess, and was educated in several European countries, including France and Italy. She wrote extensively on Balkan history and culture, and was particularly interested in the role of women in society. Her work helped to raise awareness of the Albanian struggle for independence, and she is remembered as one of the most important Albanian intellectuals of the 19th century. In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Dora d'Istria was also known for her philanthropic work, supporting various charities and educational institutions throughout Europe.

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Mihal Grameno

Mihal Grameno (January 13, 1871 Korçë-February 5, 1931 Korçë) was an Albanian politician, journalist and writer.

Grameno was a prominent figure in the Albanian nationalist movement and contributed greatly to the country's struggle for independence from the Ottoman Empire. He was one of the founders of Bashkimi, one of the first political parties in Albania, and served as its president. In addition to his political activities, Grameno was also a journalist and writer, founding the newspaper Drita in 1899 and serving as its editor. He published several books on Albanian history and culture, including "Historia e Shqipërisë" (History of Albania) and "Shqipëria dhe Shqiptarët" (Albania and the Albanians). Grameno's legacy continues to be celebrated in Albania, and he is remembered as a key figure in the country's independence movement.

He died caused by illness.

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