Algerian movie stars died in 1979

Here are 1 famous actresses from Algeria died in 1979:

Louise Lagrange

Louise Lagrange (August 19, 1898 Oran-February 28, 1979 Paris) otherwise known as Louise Vinot was an Algerian actor.

She appeared in more than 50 films in both French and German cinema, and was considered one of the leading actresses of her time. Lagrange began her career in the 1920s and gained recognition for her role in the film "Zigomar" (1925). She continued to work through the 1930s, but her career was interrupted by World War II. After the war, Lagrange returned to acting and appeared in several notable films, including "Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne" (1945) and "Les Diaboliques" (1955). In addition to her film work, Lagrange also appeared in stage productions and was a popular voice actress for radio dramas. She retired from acting in the 1960s and passed away in Paris in 1979.

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