Algerian movie stars died in 2001

Here are 1 famous actresses from Algeria died in 2001:

Maria Cardinal

Maria Cardinal (March 9, 1929 Algiers-May 9, 2001 Valréas) also known as Marie. Cardinal, Simone Odette Maria Theresa Cardinal, Maria CARDINAL or Marie Cardinal was an Algerian screenwriter, actor and writer. Her children are called Alice Ronfard, Benedict Ronfard and Benedict Ronfard.

Maria Cardinal was born and raised in Algiers, Algeria, but later moved to Paris, France where she began her writing career. She became known for her works that explored feminism, psychiatric illness, and the complexities of human relationships. Her most famous work, "The Words to Say It," was based on her own experiences as a psychiatric patient and was praised for its raw honesty and insight into mental illness. Besides writing, she also acted in films and collaborated with filmmakers as a screenwriter. Throughout her career, Cardinal was awarded various literary honors and achievements, including being elected to the Académie Goncourt in 1990. Despite her success, she continued to advocate for the recognition and support of those who struggled with mental illness. She died in Valréas, France at the age of 72.

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