Algerian musicians died at 47

Here are 2 famous musicians from Algeria died at 47:

Krim Belkacem

Krim Belkacem (December 14, 1922 Tizi Ouzou Province-October 18, 1970 Frankfurt) was an Algerian politician.

Belkacem played a significant role in the Algerian War of Independence against France. He was one of the founding members of the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) in 1954 and served as a leader in the organization. He was also a member of the National Council of the Algerian Revolution, which was established in 1958 to govern the areas of Algeria that were under FLN control.

After Algeria gained independence in 1962, Belkacem served as the Minister of Planning and Industry in the new government. He was later imprisoned in 1967 for his opposition to the direction of the government and was eventually released in 1969 following public protests. However, Belkacem was assassinated in Frankfurt, Germany the following year, allegedly by elements of the Algerian government. His death was widely mourned in Algeria and other countries around the world, and he is remembered as a hero of the Algerian independence movement.

He died in assassination.

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Marcel Aboulker

Marcel Aboulker (January 1, 1905 Algiers-September 7, 1952 Garches) a.k.a. Paul Marcel Samuel Aboulker or Marcel Paul was an Algerian film director and screenwriter.

Aboulker began his career in the film industry as an assistant director before eventually becoming a director and screenwriter. He was known for his work on French films during the 1930s and 1940s, often focusing on social issues and political themes.

One of Aboulker's most notable films was "La Bandera" (The Bandera), which was released in 1935. The film, based on the novel by Pierre MacOrlan, follows a discharged soldier who becomes involved with a group of criminals in the port city of Le Havre.

Aboulker's films were known for their realistic portrayal of working-class life and the struggles of marginalized individuals. He often used non-professional actors and filmed on-location to create a sense of authenticity.

Unfortunately, Aboulker passed away at the young age of 47 due to a heart attack. Despite his short career, he is remembered as a pioneer of French cinema and his films continue to be studied and appreciated today.

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