Algerian musicians died at 63

Here are 1 famous musicians from Algeria died at 63:

Taos Amrouche

Taos Amrouche (March 4, 1913 Tunis-April 2, 1976) was an Algerian novelist, writer and singer.

She was born to a Kabyle family in Tunisia and grew up in the village of Taourirt Moussa, in the Petite Kabylie region of Algeria. Her mother was a famous singer and her father was a leader of the Algerian independence movement.

Amrouche was a talented musician and singer, often performing traditional Kabyle songs. She also wrote several books, including "Jacques ou la Soumission," which was based on the life of her brother.

Throughout her life, Amrouche was a strong advocate for the rights of Algerian women and for the preservation of Kabyle culture. She was an important figure in the movement for Algerian independence and helped to establish the Algerian National Theatre.

Amrouche passed away in 1976 in Saint-Mandé, France, but her legacy lives on through her music, writing and activism.

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