Algerian musicians died at 68

Here are 2 famous musicians from Algeria died at 68:

Malek Bennabi

Malek Bennabi (January 1, 1905 Constantine-October 31, 1973) was an Algerian writer and philosopher.

He is best known for his pioneering work in the fields of Islamic sociology, educational philosophy, and cultural politics. Bennabi believed that the root cause of Islamic societies' decline was their reliance on external sources of knowledge and the lack of innovation in their own scholarship. He emphasized the need for Islamic societies to revive their intellectual traditions and develop their own modes of modernization that were consistent with their faith and values. His major works include "The Question of Culture in Africa," "Islam in History and Society," and "The Conditions of Renaissance." Bennabi's writings continue to shape contemporary debates around Islam, modernity, and cultural identity in the Islamic world.

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Moufdi Zakaria

Moufdi Zakaria (June 12, 1908 M'zab-April 5, 1977 Tunisia) was an Algerian poet and writer.

Born in the town of Ghardaia in the M'zab region of southern Algeria, Moufdi Zakaria was known for his contributions to the literary and political landscape of the country. He was a prominent figure in the Algerian struggle for independence from France, and his work often tackled themes of social justice and the fight against colonialism.

Zakaria's literary career began in the 1930s, when he began publishing poetry and essays in Algerian and French newspapers. His first collection of poetry, "L'├ętoile et le fusil" ("The Star and the Rifle"), was published in 1934 and is considered a seminal work in modern Algerian literature.

In addition to his literary work, Zakaria was also involved in politics. He was a member of the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN), the organization that led the fight for Algeria's independence from France, and served as the editor of its newspaper, El Moudjahid, for many years.

Following Algeria's independence in 1962, Zakaria served in a number of government positions, including as the country's ambassador to Tunisia. He continued to write poetry and political commentary until his death in 1977.

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