American movie stars born in 1963

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1963:

Randy Couture

Randy Couture (June 22, 1963 Everett-) also known as The Natural, Captain America, Randy Duane Couture or Randy 'The Natural' Couture is an American martial artist, wrestler, actor, athlete, coach and spokesperson. He has three children, Aimee Couture, Ryan Couture and Caden Couture.

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Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien (April 18, 1963 Brookline-) a.k.a. Consie, Conando, Coney, Big Red, The Maestro, The Cone-Zone, Coco, Conan ''12, Watch Conan O'Brien, Creepy Conan O'Brien, Conan Christopher O'Brien, The Conebone or Conan is an American comedian, talk show host, actor, film producer, screenwriter, television producer, presenter and voice actor. He has two children, Neve O'Brien and Beckett O'Brien.

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Jon Brion

Jon Brion (December 11, 1963 Glen Ridge-) a.k.a. Jon Brian or Jon Wright Brion is an American record producer, songwriter, singer, musician, film score composer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and actor.

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt (December 18, 1963 Shawnee-) a.k.a. William Bradley Pitt, Buratto Pitto, William Bradley "Brad" Pitt, Pitt-bull or Tyler Durden is an American actor, film producer, voice actor and television producer. His children are called Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt and Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt.

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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino (March 27, 1963 Knoxville-) also known as Quentin Jerome Tarantino, Kuenthin Taranthîno, Q, Quentin Tarrantino, QT or Tarantino Q is an American screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer, writer, television director and voice actor.

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (February 17, 1963 Brooklyn-) also known as Air Jordan, His Royal Airness, MJ, Mike Jordan, Michael Jeffrey Jordan or His Airness is an American basketball player, athlete, spokesperson, entrepreneur and actor. His children are called Jasmine Mickael Jordan, Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Marcus Jordan, Victoria Jordan and Ysabel Jordan.

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Mike Myers

Mike Myers (May 25, 1963 Scarborough-) also known as Michael Meyers, Michael John Myers, Mike Meyers or Sucky Baby is an American actor, film producer, comedian, screenwriter, singer and voice actor. His children are called Spike Myers and Sunday Molly Myers.

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Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich (December 26, 1963 Gentofte Municipality-) also known as Lar$ Ulrich or Ulrich is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, drummer, composer, singer, actor and percussionist. His children are called Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen, Layne Ulrich and Myles Ulrich.

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James Hetfield

James Hetfield (August 3, 1963 Downey-) otherwise known as James Alan Hetfield, Hetfield, James, Jaymz, The Het, Papa Het, Mighty Het, Het, Metallica or Hetfield is an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, actor and film producer. His children are called Castor Virgil Hetfield, Marcella Francesca Hetfield and Cali Tee Hetfield.

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Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley (February 20, 1963 Leeds-) otherwise known as The Round Mound of Rebound, Sir Charles, Charles Wade Barkley or Chuck is an American basketball player, announcer, athlete, actor, sports analyst, author and spokesperson. He has one child, Christiana Barkley.

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Chris Mullin

Chris Mullin (July 30, 1963 Brooklyn-) otherwise known as Christopher Paul Mullin is an American basketball player, actor and businessperson. His children are called Sean Mullin, Liam Mullin, Christopher Mullin and Kiera Mullin.

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David Wells

David Wells (May 20, 1963 Torrance-) also known as David Lee Wells or Boomer is an American baseball player and actor.

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Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson (January 18, 1963 Pennsylvania-) also known as James Francis Peter Davidson or Jimmy is an American model and actor.

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Johnny Dawkins

Johnny Dawkins (September 28, 1963 Washington, D.C.-) also known as Johnny Earl Dawkins, Jr. or Pooh is an American basketball player, basketball coach and actor. He has four children, Blair Dawkins, Sean Dawkins, Jillian Dawkins and Aubrey Dawkins.

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Johnny Newman

Johnny Newman (November 28, 1963 Danville-) also known as John Sylvester Newman, Jr. is an American basketball player and actor.

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Karl Malone

Karl Malone (July 24, 1963 Summerfield, Louisiana-) also known as The Mailman or Karl Anthony Malone is an American wrestler, basketball player and actor. His children are called Karl Malone, Jr., Daryl Ford, Cheryl Ford, Kylee Malone, Karlee Malone, Demetress Bell, Kadee Malone and K.J. Malone.

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Richard Rossi

Richard Rossi (March 2, 1963 Pittsburgh-) also known as Richard A. Rossi Jr. is an American guitarist, televangelist, film director, actor, playwright, film producer, screenwriter, film score composer, musician, minister, songwriter, preacher and activist. He has two children, Joshua Rossi and Karis Rossi.

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William Baldwin

William Baldwin (February 21, 1963 Massapequa-) also known as Billy Baldwin or William Joseph Baldwin is an American model, actor, writer and voice actor. He has three children, Brooke Baldwin, Jamison Baldwin and Vance Baldwin.

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Les Claypool

Les Claypool (September 29, 1963 Richmond-) a.k.a. Snap, Lapland Miclovich, Granddad, Leslie Edward Claypool, Claypool, Les, Colonel Claypool, Snappy, Snapdad, Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool or Primus is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, author, actor, bassist, film score composer, writer and film director. He has two children, Cage Oliver Claypool and Lena Tallulah Claypool.

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Jeffrey Hatrix

Jeffrey Hatrix (May 5, 1963 United States of America-) also known as Jeffrey Nothing, Nothing, Jeffrey or Jeff Hatrix is an American singer, musician, songwriter and actor.

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Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham (August 1, 1963 Wellington-) also known as Michael Dean Wareham is an American musician, songwriter, film score composer and actor.

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Brian Greene

Brian Greene (February 9, 1963 New York City-) also known as Dr. Brian Greene, Brian R. Greene or B. Greene is an American physicist, professor, actor, writer, theoretical physicist and author.

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Coolio (August 1, 1963 Compton-) also known as Artis Leon Ivey, Jr., Artis Leon Ivey Jr., El Cool Magnifico or Artis Ivey Jr. is an American actor, musician, record producer, rapper, voice actor and screenwriter. His children are called Shayne Ivey, Kate Ivey, Artis Ivey III, Grtis Ivey, Zhaneand Ivey, Milan Ivey, Darius Ivey, Artisha Ivey, Brandi Ivey and Jackie Ivey.

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Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels (March 15, 1963 Butler-) also known as Brett Michaels, Bret Michael Sychak, bret_michaels, Michaels, Bret or Poison is an American singer, actor, film producer, musician, television producer, film director, screenwriter and tv personality. He has two children, Raine Michaels and Jorja Bleu Michaels.

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Christopher E. Kubasik

Christopher E. Kubasik (February 16, 1963 Cheverly-) a.k.a. Christopher E Kubasik, Chris Kubasik, Christopher Kubasik or Christopher Andrew Kubasik is an American businessperson, author, screenwriter and actor.

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Johnathan Dwayne

Johnathan Dwayne (July 31, 1963 San Juan-) also known as Jonathan Dwayne, John Dwayne Jimenez Sotomayor or John Dwayne Jimenez is an American singer, musician, composer, artist, actor, music artist and visual artist.

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Damian Chapa

Damian Chapa (October 29, 1963 Dayton-) also known as Damian Robert Chapa, D or The Outlaw is an American actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, cinematographer and writer. He has two children, Ricco Chapa and Presly Chapa.

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Francesco Quinn

Francesco Quinn (March 22, 1963 Rome-August 5, 2011 Malibu) a.k.a. Francesco Daniele Quinn was an American actor and voice actor. His children are called Michela Quinn and Max Quinn.

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Rob Estes

Rob Estes (July 22, 1963 Norfolk-) also known as Robert Alan Estes or Robert Estes is an American actor and television director. He has three children, Mason True Estes, Maya Rose Estes and Makai Ever Estes.

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Bob Gosse

Bob Gosse (January 9, 1963 Long Island-) a.k.a. Robert J. Gosse is an American film producer, actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Dave Markey

Dave Markey (December 3, 1963 Burbank-) a.k.a. David J. Markey, Radio Spot and David Markey or David Markey is an American film director, cinematographer, film editor, film producer, actor and screenwriter.

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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs (April 9, 1963 New York City-) is an American fashion designer, designer, costume designer and actor.

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Ted Demme

Ted Demme (October 26, 1963 New York City-January 13, 2002 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Edward Demme, "Ted", Edward K. "Ted" Demme or Edward K. Demme was an American film director, actor, film producer, television producer and television director.

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Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell (December 23, 1963 Teaneck-) otherwise known as Jess Q. Harnell or Harnell, Jess is an American voice actor, singer and actor.

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Bill Brochtrup

Bill Brochtrup (March 7, 1963 Inglewood-) a.k.a. William Brochtrup is an American actor.

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Kraig Metzinger

Kraig Metzinger (March 19, 1963 California-) is an American actor.

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Darryl M. Bell

Darryl M. Bell (May 10, 1963 Chicago-) a.k.a. Darryl Bell, Daryl Bell or Bell is an American actor.

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Ken Hudson Campbell

Ken Hudson Campbell (April 6, 1963 United States of America-) a.k.a. Ken Campbell is an American actor and voice actor.

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Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly (January 29, 1963 Glendale-) also known as Robert "Bob" Howard, Robert William Howard, Robert William "Bob" Howard[, The Big Shot, Hardcore, Sparky Plugg, The Alabama Slamma, Hardcore King, Hollywood Bob Holly, Superstar Bob Holly, Thurman 'Sparky' Plug, Bob "Hardcore" Holly, Bob "Spark Plug" Holly or Thurman "Sparky" Plugg is an American wrestler, author and actor. He has one child, Stephanie Howard.

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Wally Dallenbach, Jr.

Wally Dallenbach, Jr. (May 23, 1963 Basalt-) is an American race car driver and actor.

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Dylan Walsh

Dylan Walsh (November 17, 1963 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Charles Hunter Walsh, Charles Walsh, Charlie Walsh, Charles M. Walsh or Dylan Pierce Walsh is an American actor. His children are called Thomas Charles Walsh, Joanna Marie Walsh, Stella Haven Walsh, Amelie Belle Walsh and Hudson Walsh.

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Allan Kayser

Allan Kayser (December 18, 1963 Littleton-) a.k.a. Allan J. Kayser, Allan Joseph Kayser II or Allan J. Kayser II is an American actor.

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Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider (October 31, 1963 San Francisco-) also known as Robert Michael Schneider or Robert Michael "Rob" Schneider is an American comedian, screenwriter, actor, film director, voice actor, film producer and television producer. He has two children, Elle King and Miranda Scarlett Schneider.

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Al Snow

Al Snow (July 18, 1963 Lima-) also known as Allen Ray Sarven, Leif Cassidy, Avatar, Shinobi, The Clown Prince of Hardcore, The Five Star Ninja or Steve Moore is an American wrestler, actor and stunt performer. He has two children, Jake Sarven and Brittany Sarven.

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Andy Hillenburg

Andy Hillenburg (April 30, 1963 Indianapolis-) is an American race car driver and actor.

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Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt (December 16, 1963 San Francisco-) also known as Benjamin G. Bratt, Scarecrow or Benjamin George Bratt is an American actor, voice actor and film producer. He has two children, Sophia Rosalinda Bratt and Mateo Bravery Bratt.

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Greg Kinnear

Greg Kinnear (June 17, 1963 Logansport-) otherwise known as Gregory Kinnear, Gregory B. Kinnear, Gregory Buck Kinnear or Gregory Buck "Greg" Kinnear is an American actor, television producer, screenwriter, voice actor and tv personality. He has three children, Audrey Mae Kinnear, Lily Katherine Kinnear and Kate Grace Kinnear.

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Barry Tubb

Barry Tubb (February 13, 1963 Snyder-) a.k.a. Barry York Tubb is an American actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter.

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Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington (August 3, 1963 Houston-) also known as Isaiah Washington IV, Ike or Mickey is an American actor, film producer and soldier. He has three children, Tyme Washington, Isaiah Washington V and Iman Washington.

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Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson (July 13, 1963 New Haven-) also known as Kenneth Allen Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Kenneth A. Johnson, Kenny-Ham, KJ, Kenneth "Kenny" Johnson or Kenny is an American actor.

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