American movie stars died at 26

Here are 3 famous actors from United States of America died at 26:

John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth (May 10, 1838 Bel Air-April 26, 1865 Port Royal) was an American actor.

He died in ballistic trauma.

However, Booth is mostly known for assassinating President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, while he was watching a play at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C. The assassination of Lincoln was part of a larger conspiracy by Booth and his accomplices to also assassinate Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William Seward. After carrying out the assassination, Booth went on the run and was eventually found and killed by Union soldiers in a barn. Booth's actions have gone down in history and he is often remembered as one of the most notorious assassins in American history.

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Merlin Santana

Merlin Santana (March 14, 1976 New York City-November 9, 2002 Los Angeles) was an American actor and rapper.

He died as a result of firearm.

Santana began his acting career at the age of three as a model for Macy's department store. He later appeared on television shows such as "The Cosby Show," "Family Matters," and "Moesha." Santana gained widespread recognition for his role as Romeo Santana on the television series "The Steve Harvey Show," which ran from 1996 to 2002. Aside from acting, Santana pursued a music career and was part of the rap group "The Won-G Mafia." His untimely death at the age of 26 shocked the entertainment industry and his fans.

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Russ Columbo

Russ Columbo (January 14, 1908 Camden-September 2, 1934 Beverly Hills) also known as Colombo, Russ, Ruggiero Eugenio di Rodolpho Colombo or Russ Colombo was an American singer and actor.

He died caused by accidental discharge.

Russ Columbo was known for his captivating baritone voice and his swoon-worthy good looks, which earned him a legion of devoted female fans during the 1920s and '30s. He was a popular performer on both radio and film, starring in several musical movies during his career. Columbo also composed and recorded numerous songs, some of which went on to become hits. Despite his relatively short career, he had a significant impact on popular music and is regarded as one of the most influential crooners of his generation. Columbo's tragic death at the age of 26 only served to enhance his legend and secure his place in music history.

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