American movie stars died in 1988

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America died in 1988:

John Holmes

John Holmes (August 8, 1944 Ashville-March 13, 1988 Los Angeles) also known as John Curtis Estes, Russell Blue, John Duval, Big Jon Fallus, John Helms, Jack Hims, Big John Holmes, John 'The Wadd' Holmes, John 'Wadd' Holmes, John C. Holmes, John Curtis Holmes, Johnny Holmes, Mr. John Holmes, John C. Holms, John Rey, Long John Wodd, Johnny Wadd, John Estes, Big John Fallus, Bigg John, Big John, John Sacre, Bernard Emil Weik II, Long John Wadd, Johnny B. Wadd, Johnny the Wad, Wonderland, Long John Silver, The Sultan of Smut, The King of Porn, Johnny "Cash" Holmes, John Homes, John Holmes III, John Holmes/Johnny Wadd, John Holmes aka Johnny Wadd, John or Holmes was an American pornographic film actor and actor.

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Kim Milford

Kim Milford (February 7, 1951 Glen Ridge-June 16, 1988 Chicago) a.k.a. Richard Kim Milford or Richard Milford was an American actor, singer-songwriter and singer.

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Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison (April 23, 1936 Vernon-December 6, 1988 Hendersonville) also known as Roy Orbsion, Roy Orbinson, Roy Orbisson, Ray Orbison, Roy Kelton Orbison, Orbison, Roy, The Big O, The Voice or the Caruso of Rock was an American singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, actor and composer. He had three children, Wesley Orbison, Roy Kelton Orbison and Alexander Orbison.

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Chet Baker

Chet Baker (December 23, 1929 Yale-May 13, 1988 Amsterdam) otherwise known as Baker Chet, Chey Baker, Chet Baker & Art Pepper, Chesney Henry Baker Jr., Baker, Chet, Chesney Henry Baker, Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker or The Chet Baker Quartette was an American singer, trumpeter, film score composer and actor. He had four children, Chesney Aftab Baker, Missy Baker, Dean Baker and Paul Baker.

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John Houseman

John Houseman (September 22, 1902 Bucharest-October 31, 1988 Malibu) also known as Jacques Haussmann or Jack was an American actor, film producer, television producer, screenwriter, theatrical producer, theatre director, theater manager, radio producer and radio writer. He had two children, John Michael and Charles Sebastian.

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John Carradine

John Carradine (February 5, 1906 Greenwich Village-November 27, 1988 Milan) also known as Richmond Reed Carradine, Peter Richmond, John Peter Richmond, The Bard of Boulevard or The Voice was an American actor and voice actor. His children are called David Carradine, Robert Carradine, Bruce Carradine, Keith Carradine and Christopher Carradine.

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Brook Benton

Brook Benton (September 19, 1931 Lugoff-April 9, 1988 Queens) a.k.a. Brook Brenton, Brook Benten, Benjamin Franklin Peay or Benton, Brook was an American songwriter, singer, actor and musician.

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Hal Ashby

Hal Ashby (September 2, 1929 Ogden-December 27, 1988 Malibu) a.k.a. William Hal Ashby or Wm. Hal Ashby was an American film director, film editor, actor and film producer.

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Joshua Logan

Joshua Logan (October 5, 1908 Texarkana-July 12, 1988 New York City) a.k.a. Joshua Lockwood Logan III or Joshua Lockwood Logan was an American film director, writer, screenwriter, theatre director and actor. His children are called Tom Logan and Susan Logan.

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Edward Pawley

Edward Pawley (March 16, 1901 Kansas City-January 27, 1988 Charlottesville) also known as Edward Joel Pawley, Ed Pawley or Edward Joel Stone Pawley was an American actor. He had one child, Martin H. Pawley.

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Sammy Davis, Sr.

Sammy Davis, Sr. (December 12, 1900 Wilmington-May 21, 1988 Beverly Hills) also known as Samuel Davis, Samuel George "Sammy" Davis, Sr., Will Mastin Trio, Will Maston Trio, Samuel George Davis, Sr. or The Will Maston Trio was an American actor and dancer. He had one child, Sammy Davis, Jr..

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Joie Chitwood

Joie Chitwood (April 14, 1912 Denison-January 3, 1988 Tampa) was an American race car driver, actor and businessperson.

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Parker Fennelly

Parker Fennelly (October 22, 1891 Northeast Harbor-January 22, 1988 Peekskill) a.k.a. Parker W. Fennelly was an American actor and comedian.

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Richard S. Castellano

Richard S. Castellano (September 4, 1933 The Bronx-December 10, 1988 North Bergen) also known as Richard Castellano, Richard Salvatore Castellano or Richie was an American actor. He had one child, Margaret E. Castellano.

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Leonard Frey

Leonard Frey (September 4, 1938 Brooklyn-August 24, 1988 New York City) also known as Frey, Leonard was an American actor.

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Joe Besser

Joe Besser (August 12, 1907 St. Louis-March 1, 1988 North Hollywood) also known as Joseph Besser or Joe was an American comedian, actor, musician and vaudeville performer.

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Brent Collins

Brent Collins (October 31, 1941 Plainville-January 6, 1988 New York City) was an American actor.

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Billy Daniels

Billy Daniels (September 12, 1915 Jacksonville-October 7, 1988 Los Angeles) a.k.a. William Boone Daniels, William Daniels or Billy Daniel was an American singer and actor. He had seven children, Yvonne Daniels, Baroness Von Czenkow, William B. Daniels II, Bruce Daniels, Jack Daniels, Andrea Grefelt and Dominique Daniels.

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Dennis Day

Dennis Day (May 21, 1916 The Bronx-June 22, 1988 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Eugene Dennis McNulty, Day, Dennis or Owen Patrick Eugene McNulty was an American singer, actor, radio personality and comedian.

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John Sylvester White

John Sylvester White (October 31, 1919 Philadelphia-September 11, 1988 Waikiki) was an American actor.

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Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen (January 16, 1917-March 19, 1988 Philippines) also known as Michael Cohen was an American actor.

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Trinidad Silva

Trinidad Silva (January 30, 1950 Mission-July 31, 1988 Whittier) also known as Trinidad Silva, Jr. or Trinidad Silva Jr. was an American actor.

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Vernon Washington

Vernon Washington (August 10, 1927 Hartford-June 7, 1988 Los Angeles) also known as Vernon Alfred Washington, Samuel Vernon Washington or Samuel "Vernon" Washington was an American actor.

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Ralph Meeker

Ralph Meeker (November 21, 1920 Minneapolis-August 5, 1988 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Ralph Rathgeber was an American actor.

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Duane Jones

Duane Jones (February 2, 1937 New York City-July 22, 1988 Mineola) otherwise known as Duane L. Jones or Dr. Duane Jones was an American actor, teacher and theatre director.

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Gabriel Dell

Gabriel Dell (October 8, 1919 Brooklyn-July 3, 1988 North Hollywood) a.k.a. Gabriel Del Vecchio, Garbiel Dell, Gabe Dell, G. Joseph Dell, Gabriel Marcel Dell Vecchio or Gabe was an American actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Beau Del Vecchio and Gabriel Dell Jr..

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Don Haggerty

Don Haggerty (July 3, 1914 Poughkeepsie-August 19, 1988 Cocoa Beach) was an American actor, soldier and athlete. He had one child, Dan Haggerty.

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Andrew Duggan

Andrew Duggan (December 28, 1923 Franklin-May 15, 1988 Hollywood) a.k.a. Andy Duggan was an American actor. He had three children, Richard Duggan, Nancy Duggan and Melissa Duggan.

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George J. Folsey

George J. Folsey (July 2, 1898 Brooklyn-November 1, 1988 Santa Monica) also known as George Folsey, George J. Falsey, George Joseph Folsey or George J. Folsey, A.S.C. was an American cinematographer and actor. His child is called George Folsey, Jr..

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Ken Murray

Ken Murray (July 14, 1903 New York City-October 12, 1988 Burbank) a.k.a. Kenneth Doncourt or Kenneth Abner Doncourt was an American author, actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, film editor, cinematographer and singer-songwriter. He had four children, Pamela Ann Murray, Cort Murray, Kenneth Doncourt Jr and Janie Murray.

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Colin Higgins

Colin Higgins (July 28, 1941 Nouméa-August 5, 1988 Beverly Hills) was an American writer, screenwriter, film director, film producer and actor.

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Pete Drake

Pete Drake (October 8, 1932 Augusta-July 29, 1988 Nashville) was an American record producer, guitarist, musician, songwriter and actor.

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Teru Shimada

Teru Shimada (November 17, 1905 Mito-June 19, 1988 Encino) a.k.a. Akira Shimada or Teru Shumada was an American actor.

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Christopher Connelly

Christopher Connelly (September 8, 1941 Wichita-December 7, 1988 Burbank) also known as Chris Connelly or Christopher Connely was an American actor.

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Lanny Ross

Lanny Ross (January 19, 1906 Seattle-April 25, 1988 New York City) also known as Lancelot Patrick Ross was an American actor and songwriter. He had one child, Barbara Walch.

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Jesse L. Lasky, Jr.

Jesse L. Lasky, Jr. (September 19, 1910 New York City-April 11, 1988 London) also known as Jesse Lasky, Jr., Jesse Lasky, Jesse L. Lasky Jr, Jesse L. Lasky Jr., Jesse Louis Lasky, Jr. or Jesse Louis Lasky Jr. was an American screenwriter, novelist, playwright, poet and actor.

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Nathan Cook

Nathan Cook (April 9, 1950 Philadelphia-June 11, 1988 Santa Monica) also known as Nathan Earl Cook was an American actor.

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Ken Niles

Ken Niles (December 9, 1908 Livingston-October 31, 1988 Santa Monica) was an American actor and announcer. He had two children, Kenneth Niles and Denise Niles.

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Billy Curtis

Billy Curtis (June 27, 1909 Springfield-November 9, 1988 Dayton) also known as Luigi Curto or Little Billy was an American actor. His children are called Tom Curtis and Judy Curtis.

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Warren Casey

Warren Casey (April 20, 1935 New York City-November 8, 1988 Chicago) was an American writer, actor, lyricist, composer and librettist.

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Bob Steele

Bob Steele (January 23, 1907 Portland-December 21, 1988 Burbank) otherwise known as Robert Adrian Bradbury, Robert Bradbury Jr., Robert Bradbury, Robert Steele, Bob Bradbury Jr. or Bob Steel was an American actor.

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Boyd Morgan

Boyd Morgan (October 24, 1915 Comanche-January 8, 1988 Tarzana) otherwise known as Boyd Franklin Morgan, Boyd Red Morgan, Red Boyd Morgan, Red Morgan or Boyd 'Red' Morgan was an American american football player, actor, stunt performer and pilot.

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Divine (October 19, 1945 Baltimore-March 7, 1988 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Harris Glenn Milstead, Lady Divine, Glen Milstead, Divvie, Harris Glen Milstead, Glenn Milstead, Glenn, Divy or Glenn "Divine" Milstead was an American singer, drag queen, actor, hairdresser, film director and screenwriter.

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Chuck Roberson

Chuck Roberson (May 10, 1919 Texas-June 8, 1988 Bakersfield) a.k.a. Charles Hugh Roberson, Brett Houston, Charles 'Chuck' Roberson, Charles A. Roberson, Charles Roberson, Bad Chuck, Charles Hugh "Chuck" Roberson or Chuck was an American actor, stunt performer, cowboy, peace officer and stunt double. His children are called Charlene Roberson, Patricia Roberson and Corliss Roberson.

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Jess Oppenheimer

Jess Oppenheimer (November 11, 1913 San Francisco-December 27, 1988 Los Angeles) also known as Jessurun James Oppenheimer was an American inventor, writer, television producer, actor, television director and screenwriter.

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Frank Gallop

Frank Gallop (June 20, 1900 Boston-May 15, 1988 New York City) also known as Francis Gallop or Gallop, Frank was an American actor.

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Robert Livingston

Robert Livingston (December 9, 1904 Quincy-March 7, 1988 Tarzana) a.k.a. Robt. Randall, Bob Randall, Robert Randall, Robert L. Livingston, Bob Livingston, Robert Edward Randall, Robert Edgar Randall or Edgar Randall was an American actor. He had one child, Addison Randall.

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Joseph Depew

Joseph Depew (July 11, 1912 Harrison-October 30, 1988 Escondido) was an American actor.

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Monte Rawlins

Monte Rawlins (February 21, 1907 Yakima-July 13, 1988 Hawaii) was an American actor.

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Spencer Chan

Spencer Chan (March 28, 1892 Shanghai-January 9, 1988 Los Angeles) also known as Spencer Edward Chan was an American actor.

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