American movie stars died in 2014

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America died in 2014:

Robin Williams

Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 Chicago-August 11, 2014 Paradise Cay) otherwise known as Robin McLaurin Williams, Marty Fromage, Sudy Nim, Ray D. Tutto, Robin McLaurim Williams or Robin Willaims was an American actor, screenwriter, voice actor, stand-up comedian, comedian and film producer. He had three children, Zachary Pym Williams, Zelda Rae Williams and Cody Alan Williams.

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Don Matheson

Don Matheson (August 5, 1929 Dearborn-June 29, 2014 Woodland Hills) was an American actor, soldier and police officer. His child is called Michele Matheson.

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Paul Mazursky

Paul Mazursky (April 25, 1930 Brooklyn-June 30, 2014 Los Angeles) also known as Irwin Mazursky, Carlotta Gerson or Igor & H was an American screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer and voice actor. His child is called Meg Mazursky.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman (July 23, 1967 Fairport-February 2, 2014 West Village) a.k.a. Philip S. Hoffman, Phil Hoffman, Philip Hoffman, Phil or Phillip Seymour Hoffman was an American actor, theatre director, film producer and voice actor. His children are called Cooper Alexander Hoffman, Willa Hoffman and Tallulah Hoffman.

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Richard Bull

Richard Bull (June 26, 1924 Zion-February 3, 2014 Calabasas) also known as Dick was an American actor.

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Ed Nelson

Ed Nelson (December 21, 1928 New Orleans-August 9, 2014 Greensboro) a.k.a. Edward Nelson, Edwin Nelson, Edwin Stafford Nelson or Edwin Stafford "Ed" Nelson was an American actor. He had six children, Christopher S. Nelson, Cynthia Bordes, Beth Moore, Mary Sanders, Anne Bochenski and Gregory Nelson.

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Sid Caesar

Sid Caesar (September 8, 1922 Yonkers-February 12, 2014 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Isaac Sidney Caesar, Isaac Sidney "Sid" Caesar or Cool Cees was an American comedian, actor, writer, musician, saxophonist, composer, author and television producer. His children are called Rick Caesar, Karen Caesar and Michele Caesar.

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James Shigeta

James Shigeta (June 17, 1929 Honolulu-July 28, 2014 Los Angeles) also known as Guy Brion, The Frank Sinatra of Japan or James S. Shigeta was an American actor, singer and voice actor.

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Richard Coogan

Richard Coogan (April 4, 1914 Short Hills, New Jersey-March 12, 2014 Los Angeles) was an American actor.

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Dave Madden

Dave Madden (December 17, 1931 Sarnia-January 16, 2014 Jacksonville) also known as David Madden was an American actor and voice actor.

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Meshach Taylor

Meshach Taylor (April 11, 1947 Boston-June 28, 2014 Altadena) also known as Meshack Taylor, Moshach Taylor or Mesach Taylor was an American actor. He had four children, Yasmine Taylor, Tamar Taylor, Tariq Taylor and Esme Taylor.

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John Pinette

John Pinette (March 23, 1964 Boston-April 5, 2014 Pittsburgh) was an American comedian, actor and screenwriter.

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Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney (September 23, 1920 Brooklyn-April 6, 2014 Studio City) also known as Ninian Joseph Yule Jr., The Mick, Mickey McGuire, The Mickster, Joseph Yule, Jr., Sonny Yule, Joe Yule Jr., Mickey Yule, Joe Jr. or Mickey McBan was an American actor, comedian, film producer, film director, soldier, radio personality, voice actor and television producer. He had nine children, Tim Rooney, Kerry Rooney, Mickey Rooney, Jr., Kimmy Sue Rooney, Kelly Ann Rooney, Jonelle Rooney, Michael Rooney, Teddy Rooney and Jimmy Rooney.

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James Garner

James Garner (April 7, 1928 Norman-July 19, 2014 Brentwood) a.k.a. Slick, James Scott Bumgarner or Jim Garner was an American actor, film producer, soldier, voice actor and television producer. He had two children, Gigi Garner and Kimberly Garner.

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L. M. Kit Carson

L. M. Kit Carson (August 12, 1941 Irving-October 21, 2014) also known as Minor Carson, Kit Carson, L.M. 'Kit' Carson, L.M. Kitt Carson, Lewis Minor Carson or L.M. Kit Carson was an American screenwriter, actor and film producer. He had one child, Hunter Carson.

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Richard Kiel

Richard Kiel (September 13, 1939 Detroit-September 10, 2014 Fresno) a.k.a. Richard Dawson Kiel, Richard Keil or Dick Kiel was an American actor, salesperson, teacher, author, security guard and voice actor. He had four children, Richard George Kiel, Jennifer Kiel, Bennett Kiel and Christopher Kiel.

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Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson (November 10, 1924 Ashley-January 16, 2014 Bainbridge Island) also known as Russell David Johnson, Russell D. Johnson or The Professor was an American actor, navigator and voice actor. His children are called Kim Johnson and David Johnson.

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Herbert Jeffreys

Herbert Jeffreys (September 24, 1913 Detroit-May 25, 2014 West Hills) a.k.a. Herb Jeffries, Herb Jeffryes, Herb Jefrys, H. Jeffryes, Herb Jeffrys, Herb Jeffrise, Herb Jeffreis, Jeffries, Herb, Umberto Alejandro Ballentino, Mr. Flamingo, Hobby, The Sepia Singing Cowboy, Bronze Buckaroo, Herbert Jeffries, Umberto Alexander Valentino, Herbert Jeffrey Ball, Herb Jefferies or Herbert Jeffrey was an American singer and actor.

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Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite (June 22, 1928 White Plains-February 13, 2014 Palm Desert) was an American actor, television director, social worker, minister and politician.

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Denny Miller

Denny Miller (April 25, 1934 Bloomington-September 9, 2014 Las Vegas) also known as Denny Scott Miller, Dennis Linn Miller or Scott Miller was an American actor, writer, teacher and basketball player.

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Joe Lala

Joe Lala (November 3, 1947 Ybor City-March 18, 2014 Tampa) also known as Joseph Lala was an American actor, musician, voice actor, drummer and percussionist.

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Theodore J. Flicker

Theodore J. Flicker (June 6, 1930 Freehold Borough-September 12, 2014 Santa Fe) also known as Theodore Flicker, Ted Flicker, Ted or Theodore Jonas Flicker was an American screenwriter, film director, actor, playwright, sculptor, theatrical producer, author and television director.

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Stefan Gierasch

Stefan Gierasch (February 5, 1926 New York City-September 6, 2014 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Steven Gierasch or Stefan Gierash was an American actor.

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Don Keefer

Don Keefer (August 18, 1916 Highspire-September 7, 2014 Sherman Oaks) a.k.a. Donald "Don" H. Keefer, Don or Donald H. Keefer was an American actor. He had three children, John Keefer, Tom Keefer and Don Keefer Jr..

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Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis (November 21, 1944 Chicago-February 24, 2014 North Shore) also known as Harold Allen Ramis was an American comedian, film director, actor, writer, film producer, screenwriter, television producer, television director and voice actor. He had three children, Violet Ramis, Julian Arthur Ramis and Daniel Hayes Ramis.

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Roger Hill

Roger Hill (January 29, 1950-February 20, 2014 The Bronx) was an American actor. He had one child, Chris W. Hill.

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Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka (October 7, 1934 Newark-January 9, 2014 Newark) otherwise known as Everett LeRoi Jones, Baraka, Amiri, Imamu Amiri Baraka, LeRoy Jones, Imamu Baraka or LeRoi Jones was an American writer, poet, teacher, actor, author and playwright. His children are called Lisa Jones, Ras Baraka, Kellie Jones, Shani Baraka, Obalaji Baraka, Amiri Baraka Jr., Dominque DiPrima, Maria Jones and Ahi Baraka.

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Marc Platt

Marc Platt (December 2, 1913 Pasadena-March 29, 2014 San Rafael) also known as Marcel LePlat, Marcel Emile LePlat, Marc Platof, Mark Plant, Marc Platoff or Platoff was an American actor and ballet dancer. He had one child, Ted Le Plat.

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Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn (April 28, 1934 Queens-January 5, 2014 Teaneck) a.k.a. Thomas M. Quinn or Thomas Michael Quinn was an American actor and businessperson. He had one child, T. J. Quinn.

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James Rebhorn

James Rebhorn (September 1, 1948 Philadelphia-March 21, 2014 South Orange) a.k.a. James R. Rebhorn or James Robert Rebhorn was an American actor. His children are called Emma Rebhorn and Hannah Rebhorn.

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Eli Wallach

Eli Wallach (December 7, 1915 Red Hook-June 24, 2014 Manhattan) a.k.a. Ely Wallach, Eli Herschel Wallach or King of Brooklyn was an American actor and film producer. He had three children, Roberta Wallach, Peter Wallach and Katherine Wallach.

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Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy (August 1, 1955 Boston-August 8, 2014 Florida) a.k.a. Daniel John Murphy or Dan Murphy was an American actor.

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Tony Genaro

Tony Genaro was an American actor.

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Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (November 30, 1918 New York City-May 2, 2014 Solvang) a.k.a. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was an American actor. He had three children, Stephanie Zimbalist, Nancy Zimbalist and Efrem Zimbalist III.

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Matthew Cowles

Matthew Cowles (September 28, 1944 New York City-May 22, 2014 New York City) a.k.a. Matthew C. Cowles was an American actor and playwright. His children are called Lily Cowles and Isabel Cowles.

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Tom Sherak

Tom Sherak (June 22, 1945 Brooklyn-January 28, 2014 Calabasas) was an American actor and film producer.

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Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee (November 11, 1955 Englewood-August 14, 2014 Los Angeles) was an American actor.

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Dane Witherspoon

Dane Witherspoon (December 27, 1957 Denton-March 29, 2014 Denver) otherwise known as Richard Dane Witherspoon was an American actor.

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Skip E. Lowe

Skip E. Lowe (June 6, 1929 Greenville-September 22, 2014 Hollywood) a.k.a. Sammy Labella was an American actor.

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Marion Barry

Marion Barry (March 6, 1936 Itta Bena-November 23, 2014) also known as Marion S. Barry Jr., Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr., Marion Berry, Mayor Marion Barry Jr., Mayor Marion Berry or Mayor Marion was an American politician and actor. He had one child, Marion Christopher Barry.

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Barry Moss

Barry Moss (April 25, 1940 Los Angeles-June 17, 2014 Manhattan) was an American actor and casting director.

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Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem (April 27, 1932 Detroit-June 15, 2014 Gig Harbor) also known as Kemal Amin Kasem, Casy Kasem, Kasey Kasem, Kemal Amin "Casey" Kasem, Kasem or Kemal Amen "Casey" Kasem was an American voice actor, disc jockey, actor, radio personality, music historian and film producer. He had four children, Kerri Kasem, Julie Kasem, Mike Kasem and Liberty Irene Kasem.

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Dick Jones

Dick Jones (February 25, 1927 Snyder-July 7, 2014 Northridge) also known as Dickie Jones, Dicky Jones or Richard Percy Jones was an American actor and voice actor. He had four children, Jeffrey Jones, Jennifer Jones, Rick Jones and Melody Jones.

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Ox Baker

Ox Baker (April 19, 1934 Sedalia-October 20, 2014) also known as Douglas A. Baker, Douglas Baker, Ox, The Ox, Doug Baker, Doug 'Ox' Baker or The Arkansas Ox was an American wrestler, actor and author.

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Bob Hastings

Bob Hastings (April 18, 1925 Brooklyn-June 30, 2014 Burbank) also known as Bobby Hastings, Robert Hastings or Robert "Bob" Hastings was an American actor and voice actor.

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Garry Goodrow

Garry Goodrow (November 4, 1933 Malone-July 22, 2014) also known as Gary Goodrow was an American actor.

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Tim Hauser

Tim Hauser (December 12, 1941 Troy-October 16, 2014) also known as Hauser, Tim, Manhattan Transfer, The Manhattan Transfer or Timothy Hauser was an American actor and musician.

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Med Flory

Med Flory (August 27, 1926 Logansport-March 15, 2014 North Hollywood) also known as Meredith Irwin Flory, Med Florey or Ned Florey was an American actor and musician.

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Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols (November 6, 1931 Berlin-November 19, 2014) also known as Mikhail Igorevich Peschkowsky or Michael Igor Peschkowsky was an American film director, film producer, theatre director, actor, comedian and writer. He had three children, Max Nichols, Jenny Nichols and Daisy Nichols.

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Dennis Lipscomb

Dennis Lipscomb (March 1, 1942 Westbury-November 27, 2014) also known as Jessup was an American actor.

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