American actors died in Aortic dissection

Here are 1 famous actors from United States of America died in Aortic dissection:

John Ritter

John Ritter (September 17, 1948 Burbank-September 11, 2003 Burbank) also known as Johnathan Southworth Ritter, Johnny Ritter, John, John S. Ritter or Jonathan Southworth "John" Ritter was an American comedian, actor and voice actor. His children are called Jason Ritter, Carly Ritter, Stella Ritter and Tyler Ritter.

Ritter rose to fame in the 1970s for his role as Jack Tripper in the hit sitcom "Three's Company". He won an Emmy Award for the role in 1984. Throughout his career, he acted in numerous movies and TV shows, including "Problem Child", "Bad Santa", and "The Waltons". Ritter was also a voice actor, lending his voice to animated shows like "Clifford the Big Red Dog" and "The Wild Thornberrys". Tragically, Ritter passed away in 2003 due to aortic dissection. He was 54 years old at the time of his death.

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