American actors died in Chronic kidney disease

Here are 1 famous actors from United States of America died in Chronic kidney disease:

Lance Hahn

Lance Hahn (February 15, 1967 Honolulu-October 21, 2007 Austin) a.k.a. Hahn, Lance was an American actor, film score composer and musician.

Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, Lance Hahn was best known for being the lead singer and guitarist of the influential punk band, J Church. He was also an accomplished film score composer and actor, having scored music for a number of independent films and acted in a few himself.

Hahn was widely regarded as one of the most talented musicians and songwriters of his generation, and his music brought a unique perspective to the punk scene, often incorporating political and social commentary into the lyrics. Throughout his career, he released numerous albums, both as a solo artist and with J Church.

Apart from his music career, Hahn was also known for his work in the film industry. He composed music for several independent films, including "String Theory," "Slack" and "Muito Gelo e Dois Dedos D'Água." He also acted in a few films, including the indie horror movie "Wristcutters: A Love Story" and "Barnwood Builders," a television show that focused on restoring historic log cabins.

Hahn passed away in 2007 in Austin, Texas, leaving behind a rich legacy of influential music and artistic contributions.

After moving to San Francisco in the mid-1980s, Hahn became a part of the thriving punk scene and formed J Church in 1991. The band released a string of critically acclaimed albums throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, becoming known for their catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Hahn's songwriting often tackled political and social issues, such as racism, poverty, and inequality.

Alongside his work with J Church, Hahn was an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area music community. He co-founded the label Honey Bear Records, which released music by a number of underground bands. He was also involved in various social justice causes and activism efforts, including the Indivisible Movement and the International Socialist Organization.

Hahn's legacy continues to inspire artists and musicians to this day. In the years following his death, a number of tribute albums and shows were held in his honor, including one in San Francisco that featured performances by former bandmates, friends, and admirers. His impact on the punk community has been widely recognized, with many citing his music as a major influence on their own artistic pursuits.

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