American actors died in Cystic fibrosis

Here are 1 famous actors from United States of America died in Cystic fibrosis:

Bob Flanagan

Bob Flanagan (December 26, 1952 New York City-January 4, 1996 Long Beach) also known as Flanagan, Bob or Robert Flanagan was an American writer, songwriter, comedian, actor, poet and musician.

Flanagan was known for his subversive and controversial style, often incorporating themes of sadomasochism, disability, and illness into his work. He was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age and used his art as a way to cope with his illness and express his unique perspective on life.

Throughout his career, Flanagan collaborated with a variety of artists and performers, including his longtime partner and collaborator, Sheree Rose. Together, they created many boundary-pushing performances and installations that challenged societal norms and expectations.

One of Flanagan's most well-known works is his memoir "The Pain Journal," in which he documents his experiences living with chronic pain and navigating the healthcare system as a person with a disability.

Flanagan's life was cut short when he passed away from cystic fibrosis at the age of 43, but his legacy lives on through his impactful and thought-provoking art.

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