American actors died in Lung abscess

Here are 1 famous actors from United States of America died in Lung abscess:

Harry T. Morey

Harry T. Morey (August 21, 1873 Charlotte-January 24, 1936 Brooklyn) otherwise known as Harry Morey, Harold Temple Morey, Oliver Bennett or Harry Temple Morey was an American actor.

He began his career in Vaudeville before moving on to appearing in plays and eventually starring in Hollywood films. He appeared in over 140 movies, experimenting with both silent films and "talkies". Some of his most famous films include "The Sporting Venus" and "The Masked Rider". Morey was also a writer and director, having penned several scripts, and directed and produced a handful of films. He was admired for his comedic timing, charming personality, and versatility onscreen. Morey passed away in 1936 due to complications from diabetes.

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