American actors died in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Here are 4 famous actors from United States of America died in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma:

Paul Burke

Paul Burke (July 21, 1926 New Orleans-September 13, 2009 Palm Springs) was an American actor. He had three children, Dina Burke, Paula Burke-Lopez and Paul Brian Burke.

Paul Burke began his acting career on stage in New York City in the 1940s. He soon transitioned into film and television, making his screen debut in 1951's "The Mob". He went on to appear in numerous films, including "Naked Alibi" (1954), "The Wings of Eagles" (1957), and "Valley of the Dolls" (1967).

Burke is perhaps best known for his television roles. He starred as Detective Adam Flint in the popular police drama "Naked City" from 1960 to 1963, and as Captain Ed Hocken in the "Police Squad!" television series and subsequent film, "The Naked Gun" (1988).

In addition to his acting work, Burke was active in the Screen Actors Guild and served as its president from 1973 to 1975. He was also a regular on the celebrity golf circuit, and hosted several tournaments for charity. Burke passed away in 2009 at the age of 83.

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Richard Lupino

Richard Lupino (October 29, 1929 Hollywood-February 9, 2005 New York) also known as Dicky Lupino, Richard Lane or R.M.H.Lupino was an American actor.

Born to a famous theatrical family, Lupino began his acting career in England in the 1950s. He appeared in several British TV shows and films before returning to the United States in the 1960s. Throughout his career, Lupino appeared in various television series and movies, including "The Big Valley," "Bonanza," "The Time Tunnel," and "Little House on the Prairie." Lupino was also a writer and producer and wrote several plays and screenplays. He was married to actress Carol Lynley from 1960 to 1964 and had two children. Lupino passed away in 2005 at the age of 75 due to complications from cancer.

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Carl Gordon

Carl Gordon (January 20, 1932 Goochland-July 20, 2010 Jetersville, Virginia) also known as Rufus Carl Gordon, Jr. was an American actor.

Gordon began his career in theater and later transitioned to television and film. He appeared in numerous television shows, such as "The Cosby Show," "Law & Order," and "Good Times." He also had roles in films such as "The Last Dragon" and "The Brother from Another Planet." In addition to his acting career, Gordon was an activist and was involved in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. He was a founding member of the Negro Ensemble Company, which was dedicated to promoting African-American talent in theater. Gordon passed away in 2010 at the age of 78 due to heart failure.

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John M. Watson, Sr.

John M. Watson, Sr. (January 10, 1937 Albany-September 7, 2006 Chicago) also known as John Watson Sr. or John M. Watson Sr. was an American actor, musician, trombonist, soldier and teacher.

Watson began his career in the entertainment industry as a musician, playing the trombone in various bands and orchestras. He also served in the United States Army for several years before pursuing a career in acting. Watson acted in numerous films and television shows throughout his career, including roles in "The Color Purple," "Good Times," and "Sanford and Son," among others.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Watson was also a dedicated teacher. He taught drama and music at various schools and community centers in the Chicago area, helping to inspire and mentor countless young people. He was known for his passion for the arts and his commitment to education, and his legacy continues to inspire aspiring artists and performers around the world.

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