American movie stars in Paris

Here are 10 famous actors from United States of America who live or lived in Paris:

Nicolas de Gunzburg

Nicolas de Gunzburg (December 12, 1904 Paris-February 20, 1981 New York) was an American writer, businessperson and actor. He was living in Paris.

Nicolas de Gunzburg, also known as Nicolas Nabokov, was born into a wealthy Russian family and lived a privileged life in Paris. He was educated in England and later attended the University of Geneva where he studied music and literature. In the 1930s, he moved to the United States and became a renowned music critic, writing for publications such as The New York Times and Time Magazine.

Throughout his life, de Gunzburg was an active figure in the cultural scene of both Europe and America. He worked as a producer for the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo and played small roles in Hollywood films. De Gunzburg was also a successful businessman, working in the fashion industry and founding his own perfume company.

In addition to his varied career pursuits, de Gunzburg was a talented composer and musician. He composed several operas and ballets and was awarded the prestigious Rome Prize for music in 1943.

Despite his many achievements, de Gunzburg was known for his extravagant lifestyle and controversial social connections. He was a close friend of the famous writer Truman Capote and was rumored to be one of the inspirations for the character Holly Golightly in Capote's novel "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

De Gunzburg lived a colorful and fascinating life, leaving behind a legacy as a talented artist and cultural figure.

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Robert Florey

Robert Florey (September 14, 1900 Paris-May 16, 1979 Santa Monica) also known as Florian Roberts was an American actor, film director, screenwriter, journalist and television director. He owned a home in Paris.

Florey began his career in Hollywood in 1921, working as an actor and extra before transitioning to directing in the mid-1920s. He directed several notable films throughout his career, including the Marx Brothers' first movie, "The Cocoanuts" (1929), and the horror classic "Murders in the Rue Morgue" (1932).

Throughout the 1930s, Florey directed numerous B-movies and worked with several major studios, including Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures. He also worked extensively in television during the 1950s and 60s, directing episodes of popular shows like "Bonanza" and "The Twilight Zone."

In addition to his directing work, Florey was also a prolific writer, contributing articles to magazines like Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. He published several books throughout his career, including the 1939 memoir "The Road to Hollywood," which chronicled his journey from France to America and his entry into the film industry.

Florey's contributions to the film industry were recognized in 1960, when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Léonce Perret

Léonce Perret (May 13, 1880 Niort-August 14, 1935 Paris) was an American film producer, film director, actor and screenwriter. He owned a home in Paris.

Perret was born in France and immigrated to the United States in 1908. He began his career in the film industry as an actor before moving on to producing, directing, and writing. Perret directed over 90 films throughout his career and is considered one of the silent era's most influential filmmakers, particularly in the area of film acting. He was also credited with introducing a more naturalistic style of acting, as opposed to the exaggerated style commonly used in early silent films. Perret often collaborated with his actress wife, Lillian Gish, and his brother, Claude Gillingwater, who was also an actor. He continued making films until his death in 1935 at the age of 55.

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Johnny Sekka

Johnny Sekka (July 21, 1934 Dakar-September 14, 2006 Agua Dulce) also known as Lamine Sekka, John Sekka or Johnny Shekka was an American actor. His child is called Lamine Sekka. He owned a home in Paris, Banjul, Agua Dulce, London, Janjanbureh, Gambia and Dakar.

Born in Senegal, Sekka moved to England as a young man and initially worked in factory jobs before shifting to acting. He gained popularity in the UK in the 1950s and 60s with appearances in shows like "Emergency-Ward 10" and "The Saint". Sekka was also a pioneering figure, being one of the few African actors to break through in mainstream British television. He later moved to the United States where he continued his acting career, receiving critical acclaim for his work in films such as "African Queen" and "The Kremlin Letter". While in the US, Sekka also became an activist and a supporter of various civil rights movements.

Sekka was married twice and had a son named Lamine Sekka. He passed away on September 14, 2006 at his home in Agua Dulce, California, at the age of 72.

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Jonathan Kaplan

Jonathan Kaplan (November 25, 1947 Paris-) also known as Jonathan Stewart Kaplan or Jonathan Dark is an American film director, film producer, television producer, television director and actor. He has been known to be living in Paris.

Jonathan Kaplan started his career in the film industry as an assistant director, working on several films such as "Catch-22" and "Jaws." He then moved on to directing, and his breakthrough film was the 1979 drama "Over the Edge," which was hailed for its realistic portrayal of teenage rebellion. Kaplan went on to direct several successful films throughout the 80s and 90s, including "The Accused," which won Jodie Foster her first Academy Award.

Aside from his work in film, Kaplan has also directed numerous television shows, including episodes of "ER," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and "Without a Trace." He has won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his television work.

On a personal note, Kaplan is married to the French-American actress Véronique Silver, and they have two children together. He is also a passionate collector of African art and has written extensively about the subject.

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Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton (August 4, 1955 Hot Springs-) a.k.a. William Robert Thornton, Reginald Perry, William Robert (Billy Bob) Thornton or Thornton is an American actor, musician, film director, screenwriter, voice actor, singer-songwriter and film producer. He has four children, Amanda Thornton, William Thornton, Harry James Thornton and Bella Thornton. He has been generally known to be residing in Hot Springs, Malvern, Paris, California and Los Angeles.

Thornton began his career as a musician, playing drums and singing in a variety of bands, before turning to acting in the 1990s. He has appeared in a number of notable films, including "Sling Blade" (which he also wrote and directed), "Armageddon," and "The Man Who Wasn't There," for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Thornton has also worked extensively in television, appearing in shows such as "Fargo" and "Goliath." In addition to his acting work, he continues to make music and has released several albums. Thornton has been married and divorced six times, including to fellow actors Angelina Jolie and Cynda Williams.

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Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder (December 8, 1978 Covington-) otherwise known as Ian Joseph Somerhalder, Ian or Smolderholder is an American model, actor and philanthropist. He has been known to be residing in Louisiana, Milan, New York, London and Paris.

Somerhalder is best known for his role as Damon Salvatore in the hit television series "The Vampire Diaries" which ran for eight seasons from 2009 to 2017. He has also had recurring roles on other popular TV shows such as "Lost" and "Smallville". In addition to his acting career, Somerhalder is a passionate environmental activist and is the founder of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a non-profit organization which focuses on animal rights and conservation efforts. He has also been involved in various other philanthropic endeavors, including partnering with the St. Tammany Humane Society to build an animal sanctuary in Louisiana. Somerhalder has been recognized for his charitable work, receiving honors such as the Environmental Media Award for his contributions to green initiatives.

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Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber (April 3, 1973 Hammersmith-) a.k.a. Jamie St John Bamber Griffith or Bambini is an American actor. He has three children, Ava Griffith, Isla Elizabeth Angela Griffith and Darcy Griffith. He has been publicly known to be living in Hammersmith, Paris and United Kingdom.

Though he was born in London, Jamie Bamber actually holds dual citizenship of both the United Kingdom and the United States. He is best known for his role as Lee Adama in the critically acclaimed TV series "Battlestar Galactica." Bamber has also appeared in other popular TV shows such as "Law & Order: UK," "Marcella," and "NCIS." In addition to his work in TV, Bamber has acted in several films including "The Scarlet Pimpernel," "John Doe: Vigilante," and "Money." Bamber also has a background in theater, having performed in productions on both the West End and Broadway. Outside of acting, he is an ambassador for the international charity Water Aid and also supports organizations that work towards animal welfare.

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Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis (June 25, 1971 Newport Beach-) is an American model and actor. He has been publicly known to be residing in Newport Beach, Los Alamitos, Milan and Paris.

Lewis began his career as a model, working for well-known brands like Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. He then transitioned to acting, and is best known for his role as Smith Jerrod in the popular television series "Sex and the City."

In addition to his acting and modeling work, Lewis is also a humanitarian and has worked as a United Nations Development Programme Goodwill Ambassador. He supports several charities, including the Art of Elysium, which provides support and education programs for the underprivileged in Los Angeles.

Lewis is also an avid adventurer and has completed several extreme endurance challenges, including a 4,000 mile journey across America on a bicycle and a 500 mile kayak expedition down the Amazon River.

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Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice (October 31, 1967 South Dallas-) also known as V-Ice, Rob Van Winkle, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, MC Vanilla, Robert Van Winkle, Ice, Ice Man, Iceman or Robbie is an American singer, actor, record producer, rapper, musician and presenter. His children are called Dusti Rain Van Winkle and KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle. He has been publicly known to be residing in Florida, Paris and Dallas.

Vanilla Ice became widely known in the 1990s for his hit song "Ice Ice Baby" which was the first hip-hop single to top the Billboard charts. He has since released several albums and has worked in the film and television industry. He also starred in the reality TV show "The Vanilla Ice Project" where he renovated and flipped homes in Florida. Outside of music and entertainment, he has had a passion for motocross and has competed professionally. In recent years, he has continued to perform and tour, and has also been involved in various charitable causes.

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