American actresses died in Abdominal cancer

Here are 2 famous actresses from United States of America died in Abdominal cancer:

Lilyan Tashman

Lilyan Tashman (October 23, 1896 Brooklyn-March 21, 1934 New York City) was an American model, actor and pin-up girl.

Tashman began her career as a model for popular magazines of the time such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. She eventually moved on to acting and appeared in various silent films, such as "One Night in Rome" and "Rolled Stockings". Tashman became known for her flirtatious and glamorous persona and was often dubbed the "best-dressed woman in Hollywood".

She transitioned into talking films and starred in notable films such as "Millie", "The Office Wife", and "Madame Satan". Tashman was known for her sharp wit and friendship with many notable stars of the time, including Greta Garbo and Tallulah Bankhead.

Tragically, Tashman's life was cut short by complications related to cancer at the age of 37. She was mourned by many in Hollywood and her legacy continues to inspire generations of aspiring actors and models.

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Julie Haydon

Julie Haydon (June 10, 1910 Oak Park-December 24, 1994 La Crosse) also known as Donella Donaldson or Donatella Donaldson was an American actor.

Haydon began her acting career on Broadway and made her film debut in the 1936 movie "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine". She is best known for her role as Laura in the original Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie". She also starred in the film adaptation of the play in 1950, alongside Jane Wyman and Kirk Douglas.

Throughout her career, Haydon appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions. She received critical acclaim for her performances in the plays "Tobacco Road" and "Harvey".

Haydon was married twice, and her second husband was the prominent physicist and professor Henry Margenau. She left her acting career in the early 1950s to raise their children and focus on her family.

Haydon passed away in La Crosse, Wisconsin at the age of 84. She is remembered as a talented and versatile actress whose contributions to the entertainment industry will not be forgotten.

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