American actresses died in Cerebral thrombosis

Here are 3 famous actresses from United States of America died in Cerebral thrombosis:

Virginia Fox

Virginia Fox (April 2, 1902 Wheeling-October 14, 1982 Palm Springs) a.k.a. Virginia Fox Zanuck was an American actor. She had three children, Richard D. Zanuck, Darrylin Zanuck DePineda and Susan Zanuck.

Virginia Fox began her career in the film industry in 1916 as a child actress, appearing in films such as "The Good Bad-Man" and "The Narrow Trail." She went on to work with numerous well-known directors and actors, including Charlie Chaplin in the film "The Circus." In 1924, she joined Warner Bros. and starred in several popular films, such as "The Sunset Derby" and "The Average Woman."

However, her most significant contribution to Hollywood was as a production assistant and script girl on many films, including the classic 1939 film "Gone with the Wind." She was also married to Hollywood producer Darryl F. Zanuck, with whom she had her three children. Later in life, she became involved in philanthropic work, supporting causes such as the Palm Springs Desert Museum and the Eisenhower Medical Center. She passed away in 1982 at the age of 80.

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Wynne Gibson

Wynne Gibson (July 3, 1905 New York City-May 15, 1987 Laguna Niguel) also known as Winifred Elaine Gibson was an American actor.

Starting her career as a Ziegfeld girl, Gibson eventually made her way to Hollywood where she appeared in over 80 films from the 1920s to the 1940s. She was known for her roles in pre-Code films like "Homicide Squad" and "City Streets" as well as comedy films such as "College Rhythm" and "Going Highbrow". In the 1950s, Gibson transitioned to television and appeared in popular shows such as "Perry Mason" and "Gunsmoke". Outside of her acting career, Gibson was also a talented writer and authored several mystery novels.

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Neva Gerber

Neva Gerber (April 3, 1894 Argenta-January 2, 1974 Palm Springs) also known as Geneveive Dolores Gerber, Jean Dolores, Genevieve Dolores Gerber or Genevieve Millett was an American actor.

Neva Gerber began her career as a silent film actress in the early 1910s and quickly became a sought-after leading lady. She played opposite some of the biggest stars of the era, including Harold Lloyd, Douglas Fairbanks, and William S. Hart. Gerber's talent and beauty catapulted her into stardom, and she was one of the highest-paid actresses of the silent film era.

As talkies started to dominate the film industry in the late 1920s, Gerber found it challenging to transition to sound films, and her career began to decline. She made her last film in 1934 and later worked as a real estate agent in California.

Despite her career's decline, Neva Gerber remains an important figure in silent film history and her legacy lives on in the hundreds of films she appeared in.

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