American actresses died in Heroin overdose

Here are 2 famous actresses from United States of America died in Heroin overdose:

Jeanne Eagels

Jeanne Eagels (June 26, 1890 Kansas City-October 3, 1929 New York City) otherwise known as Amelia Jean Eagles, Amelia Jeannine Eagles, Eugenia Eagles or Jeanne Eagles was an American actor.

Eagels was known for her work on the Broadway stage in the early 20th century, earning critical acclaim for her performances in productions such as "Rain" and "The Letter." She also achieved success in Hollywood with her leading role in the 1929 film, "The Letter," which would ultimately be her final film. However, her life was plagued with personal struggles, including substance abuse issues and a tumultuous love life. She tragically died at the young age of 39 from a combination of illness and overdose. Despite her short life, Eagels is still remembered as a talented and influential performer, paving the way for future generations of actors on both stage and screen.

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Bridgette Andersen

Bridgette Andersen (July 11, 1975 Inglewood-May 18, 1997 Los Angeles) also known as Marriah Bridget Andersen was an American actor.

She started her career as a child actor, with her breakthrough role coming in the 1982 comedy film "Savannah Smiles". She went on to appear alongside big-name actors such as Burt Reynolds in "The Man Who Loved Women" and Clint Eastwood in "Honkytonk Man". In addition to her film work, Andersen also made guest appearances on television shows like "Family Ties" and "Remington Steele". Sadly, she passed away at the young age of 21 due to complications from an accidental overdose of alcohol and drugs. Despite her short career, Andersen is remembered for her talent and promising potential in the entertainment industry.

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