American actresses died in Laryngeal Cancer

Here are 8 famous actresses from United States of America died in Laryngeal Cancer:

Anne Ramsey

Anne Ramsey (March 27, 1929 Omaha-August 11, 1988 Hollywood) also known as Anne Mobley was an American actor.

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Lana Turner

Lana Turner (February 8, 1921 Wallace-June 29, 1995 Century City) a.k.a. Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner, Judy, Julia Jean Turner, Sweater Girl or Julia Turner was an American actor. Her child is called Cheryl Crane.

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Frances Farmer

Frances Farmer (September 19, 1913 Seattle-August 1, 1970 Indianapolis) also known as Frances Elena Farmer was an American actor.

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Ella Raines

Ella Raines (August 6, 1920 Snoqualmie Falls-May 30, 1988 Sherman Oaks) also known as Ella Wallace Raubes or Ella Wallace Raines was an American actor. She had three children, Christina Eloise Olds, Susan Olds Scott-Risner and Robert Ernest Olds.

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Brenda Marshall

Brenda Marshall (September 29, 1915 Negros-July 30, 1992 Palm Springs) also known as Ardis Ankerson Gaines, Ardis Ankerson, Mrs. William Holden or Mrs. Richard Gaines was an American actor. She had three children, Virginia Holden, Peter Westfield Holden and Scott Porter Holden.

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Martha Vickers

Martha Vickers (May 28, 1925 Ann Arbor-November 2, 1971 Hollywood) otherwise known as Martha MacVicar was an American actor and model. She had three children, Teddy Rooney, Marta Teresa Rojas and Maria Christina Rojas.

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Barbara McNair

Barbara McNair (March 4, 1934 Chicago-February 4, 2007 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Barbara Joan McNair or Barbara Jean McNair was an American singer and actor.

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Linda Dangcil

Linda Dangcil (June 19, 1941 San Francisco-May 7, 2009 Los Angeles) was an American actor. She had two children, Sky Hamilton and Linda Castro.

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