American actresses died in Peritonitis

Here are 4 famous actresses from United States of America died in Peritonitis:

Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame (November 28, 1923 Los Angeles-October 5, 1981 New York City) a.k.a. Gloria Hallward, Gloria H. Grahame or Gloria Grahame Hallward was an American actor. She had four children, Anthony Ray Jr., James Ray, Marianna Paulette Howard and Timothy Ray.

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Virginia Rappe

Virginia Rappe (July 7, 1891 New York City-September 9, 1921 San Francisco) also known as Virginia Rappae or Virginia Caroline Rapp was an American actor and model.

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Gladys Brockwell

Gladys Brockwell (September 26, 1893 Brooklyn-July 2, 1929 Hollywood) also known as Gladys Lindeman was an American actor.

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Tsuru Aoki

Tsuru Aoki (September 9, 1892 Fukuoka-October 18, 1961 Tokyo) also known as Tsuru Aoki Hayakawa, Mrs. Sessue Hayakawa, Miss Tsuru Aoki, Tsuro Aoki, Tsura Aoki, Tsuri Aoki, 青木 鶴子 or Aoki was an American actor. She had three children, Yukio Hayakawa, Yoshiko Hayakawa and Fujiko Hayakawa.

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